Microbes in Human Welfare (Part 1)

Microbes are present even at sites where no other life-form could possibly exist–sites such as deep inside the geysers (thermal vents) where the temperature may be as high as 1000C, deep in the soil, under the layers of snow several meters thick, and in highly acidic environments.
Microbes in Human Welfare (Part 1)

How Microbes in Human Welfare? Impertinence of microbes in household products, what is single cell protein? What are dairy products? What are the various types of cheese?To know these terms in explained way as per the NCERT BOOK, please go through video


This would be surprised you to know that we use microbes or products derived from them every day.Production of curd from milk is a common example. Micro-organisms such as Lactobacillus and others commonly called lactic acid bacteria (LAB) grow in milk and convert it to curd. During growth, the LAB produce acids that coagulate and partially digest the milk proteins. Very few amount of curd added to the fresh milk as inoculum or starter contain millions of LAB, which at suitable temperatures multiply, thus converting milk to curd, which also improves its nutritional quality by increasing vitamin B12.

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