NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy: Download Solutions by Subject Experts

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy subject are present here for download in PDF format. The article does not include NCERT Solutions of deleted NCERT Chapters. NCERT Solutions present below have been prepared from the Revised CBSE Syllabus 2023-2024. Here, you can also find links to important resources for the preparation of upcoming CBSE Board Examinations 2024.
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Download NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Accountancy: CBSE has updated its curriculum for Board Examinations 2023-2024. It has deleted some topics and chapters from Accountancy NCERT Textbook. In this article, you can find the latest chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy subject. Solutions for deleted topics are not present in the article. All Accountancy solutions have been prepared as per the Revised Accountancy CBSE Syllabus 2024.  Here, you can also find links to important resources for preparing for the upcoming CBSE Board Examination 2024.

The below-mentioned NCERT solutions have been prepared by subject experts, keeping in mind the learning capacity of every student. Students who aspire to score high marks in CBSE Board Examinations 2024 should consistently practice NCERT Solutions of the chapters mentioned below. A thorough understanding of the topics and sufficient practice of all in-text and end questions can help you score well in both CBSE Board Examination as well as in related Competitive Examinations. NCERT Solutions also develops an understanding of basic concepts for all important topics which helps you excel in academics.

Every year, the NCERT Solutions is revised by our team in accordance with the level of examination and assessment pattern imposed by the CBSE Board. For 2024, the Board is constantly working towards competency-focused questions and thus the answers should also be equally relevant and updated as per their demand. Thus, these NCERT Solutions presented below are correct, authentic, relevant, and prepared as per the assessment demands for current generation. 


CBSE Accountancy Deleted Syllabus 2023-2024

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CBSE Accountancy Sample Paper 2023-2024


Find Chapter-wise Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy NCERT Textbook (Part-1), below.




Unit No.

Chapter Name


Chapter 1

Accounting for Partnership - Basic Concepts


Chapter 2

Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm- Admission of a Partner


Chapter 3

Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm- Retirement/Death of a Partner


Chapter 4

Dissolution of Partnership Firm



Find Chapter-wise Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy NCERT Textbook (Part-2), below.




Unit No.

Chapter Name


Chapter 1

Accounting for Share Capital


Chapter 2

Issue and Redemption of Debentures


Chapter 3

Financial Statements of a Company


Chapter 4

Analysis of Financial Statements


Chapter 5

Accounting Ratios


Chapter 6

Cash Flow Statement

Jagran Josh is constantly working to provide students with all NCERT Solutions for every subject. In this article, you could find links for NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Accountancy Textbook Part -1 and Part-2. The article consists of complete CBSE Class 12 Accountancy NCERT Solutions. Students can now save the link or download the PDFs attached below to keep the solutions handy for future use.  Each article has a PDF download link attached at the bottom of each article. Students with Accountancy subject can be absolutely carefree when referring to these, since this article is an accumulation of complete and detailed NCERT Solutions. For more such CBSE and NCERT Solutions-related updates, keep visiting our website

NCERT Accountancy Textbook (Part -1) for Class 12 gives an in-depth understanding of partnership firms for students. Some chapter-wise important topics from the NCERT textbook to clear your basic concepts about partnership firms are:

Covering all these topics can help you solve any Partnership Firms-related question in CBSE Board Examination 2024.

Similarly, NCERT Accountancy Textbook (Part -2) for Class 12 provides knowledge about accounting. Some chapter-wise important topics from the NCERT textbook to improve your concepts about accounting are:

Importance of NCERT Solutions for Students

Solving NCERT questions can help you understand a complex problem in an easy manner. Since NCERT Solutions are made keeping the CBSE’s Revised Curriculum in mind, consistent practice of all the solutions can help you score well in CBSE Board Exams. It can also help you clear any related Competitive Examinations. The best way to cover the entire CBSE Syllabus is by solving chapter-wise NCERT Solutions. One should also practice questions presented in the middle of the chapter like ‘Test Your Understanding’ and ‘Do It Yourself’. These are practical questions designed to clear topic-related doubts in students. 

Tips for NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions can often be tricky to understand and solve. Thus, it is significant to first thoroughly read the chapters, and understand the concepts from your teachers, friends, or whosoever you are comfortable learning from. Then, the in-text questions present in the middle of the chapter, namely 'Do It Yourself' and 'Test Your Understanding' should be solved. They are aimed at building concepts about different topics through the practical use of their applications. At last, we can now come to solving NCERT Solutions. To avoid difficulty in solving NCERT Solutions, it is advised to follow the above-mentioned steps. Following these steps also builds your interest in solving NCERT Solutions.

Check CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Exam Pattern(2023-2024) to prepare well for your upcoming Board Examinations. Hope you find the content present in this article relevant and useful. All the best for CBSE Board Examination 2024.

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