NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6: Staffing; Download in PDF

Find NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6, Staffing, here. You can also find a free PDF download link for complete NCERT Solutions of the chapter mentioned above. Also find some important topics for preparation of upcoming CBSE Board Examination 2024.
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Download NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 Staffing

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6: This article hands out complete NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6, Staffing. All the solutions present in the article have been formulated as per latest CBSE guidelines. You can find attached a PDF download link for complete solutions of the chapter mentioned here. Practise of these solutions assists you in preparing well for CBSE Board Examinations and related Competitive Exams.

This chapter from NCERT Business Studies textbook discusses about the staffing procedure in an organization. Staffing is one of the functions of management that plays a crucial part in building a strong team ready to face all the corporate challenges. Learn about recruitment process in detail, through this chapter. Some important topics from Chapter 6 for upcoming CBSE Board Examinations are:


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Find NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6, Staffing

Very Short Answer Type

 1.What is meant by staffing?

Answer: Staffing simply means putting people to jobs. It is that part of the process of management which is concerned with obtaining, utilising and maintaining a satisfactory and satisfied work force. This is achieved by, first of all, identifying requirement of work force, followed by recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisal and development of personnel, to fill the roles designed into the organisation structure.


2.State the two important sources of recruitment.

Answer: Two important sources of recruitment are:


3.The workers of a factory are unable to work on new machines and always demand for help of supervisor. The Supervisor is overburdened with their frequent calls. Suggest the remedy. ( Hint: training)

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Answer. Remedy in this situation can be providing training to the workers of the factory. Workers must be taught how to use equipment.

 4.The quality of production is not as per standards. On investigation it was observed that most of the workers were not fully aware of the proper operation of the machinery. What could be the way to improve the quality of production to meet the standards? (training).

Answer. In this case, appropriate use of machinery is lacking. So, workers should be trained about use of machinery. This can be done by letting workers use equipment while being trained.


5.The workers of a factory remain idle because of lack of knowledge of hi-tech machines. Frequent visit of engineer is made which causes high overhead charges. How can this problem be removed. (vestibule training)

Answer. This problem can be removed by vestibule training. In this training method, workers get trained by using equipment/machines but in an artificial setup, away from their actual work floor.


Short Answer Type

 1.What is meant by recruitment? How is it different from selection?

Answer. The process of finding possible candidates for a job is called recruitment. It involves searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in an organization. There are two sources of recruitment, namely, internal and external. Internal sources of recruitment generally consists of only two processes, transfers and promotions. They occur within the employees present in an organization. External sources are methods/ways of recruiting people, for a job, outside your organization.

Recruitment is different from selection in following ways:

2.An organisation provides security services. It requires such candidates who are reliable and don’t leak out the secrets of their clients. What steps should be incorporated in selection process?

Answer. Selection process should comprise of history check of the candidate. References should be contacted and important information about the behaviour of the candidate in an professional environment can be checked. Also, the candidate must be asked to sign the contract containing relevant clauses regarding secrecy of information. Apart from this, the candidate can also be tested in terms of reliability and trustworthiness in interview sessions.

3.A company is manufacturing paper plates and bowls. It produces 1,00,000 plates and bowls each day. Due to local festival, it got an urgent order of extra 50,000 plates and bowls. Explain the method of recruitment that the company should adopt in the given circumstances to meet the order.

Answer. In this circumstance, the company should adopt the recruitment process of labour contracts. It can help company to hire workers for unskilled work at a short notice. In this method, workers are brought by the labour contractors associated to the organization. These contractors maintain close contacts with labourers and relevant workers.


4.Distinguish between training and development.

Answer. Differences between training and development are as follows:



Training is the process of increasing skills and knowledge.

Development is the process of learning and growth of individual self.

It is a job oriented process.

It is a career oriented process.

It helps in improving  the work/function of the employee.

It enables overall growth of employees.


5.Why are internal sources of recruitment considered to be more economical?

Answer. Internal sources of recruitment are more economical since the procedure of searching, conducting tests and interviews etc does not have to be done while recruiting internal sources. Also, it saves the cost of training since the employees must have been trained at their time of hiring. Further, it also saves the cost of advertising for the vacant job since in house people are hired for the job. In all, costs of recruitment process, advertisement and training process can be saved by internal sources of recruitment.


6.‘No organisation can be successful unless it fills and keeps the various positions filled with the right kind of people for the right job.’ Elucidate.

Answer. Manpower is the strongest asset of an organization. A company can achieve its goals and objectives when it has the right people who value the company’s goals and have dedication of achieving them. So, yes an organization can only be successful if it keeps right kind of people for the right job. Though companies hire people who are multi-tasking and flexible, still they look for an expertise inside you. Companies have now shifted from burdening people to work as much as they can to productive creation of work in a domain the employee is interested in. This attitude can help an organization flourish since it build a team that has expertise in their own areas and are always willing to learn and adapt to changes. Staffing is an important function of management since it brings right people for the right job. Organizations, in the first place, need employees because they want to carry out their functions, compete in the industry and create a household name. Every objective can be fulfilled only if there are employees who wish to serve the organization with the same dedication as the company’s makers and leaders do. Employees can break you or make you. Thus, it is important to find right people for the right job.


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