CBSE Board Exam 2021: What is the Right Time to Start Preparations for Board Examinations? Get the Answer Here!

Know important tips and suggestions on when to start your preparations for the upcoming CBSE Board Exams to achieve the best results.
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CBSE Exam Preparation Tips

Whether it is class 10th or 12th, CBSE board examinations have always been over-hyped and terrorized by the students. In a haste to score more than 90%, most of the students end up committing a lot of silly mistakes in exams, simply because their timing and planning for exam preparation were not correct. So, what exactly is the right time to prepare for the CBSE board exams? Should you begin preparing for them in January or even before that? Let us answer this tricky question for you.

The right time - When to begin?

Well, every student has his/her own capability. Every student has his/her own weak, not-so-strong and strong topics/chapters in every subject. But, no student should underestimate the CBSE board examinations. It has been found that in certain years, the questions asked by CBSE have been jaw-dropping and highly intricate. Even the best and the most intelligent students were left crippled during these exams in certain years.

If you are thinking that one or two months are enough for preparation for the board exam, you are absolutely wrong. Most of the students plan their syllabus from December or January for the examinations about to start from the month of February. Remember, December/January is the peak time. In December, most of the schools will start their pre-board examinations. This is literally the litmus test of students. After this, in January month, you will have your practical exams. These practical examinations will leave you so mentally drained and short of time, that you will end up all the more nervous for the main examinations.

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The ideal timing to start the precise and planned preparation for the CBSE board exams is from October onward. However, if you could not start in October, then you can start from now as you still have few months in hand before the main examinations. At this time, you will have to start studying with full focus and complete dedication. Even though you will have a few months in hand, but these will fly like a fast bird, simply because a lot will be going on everywhere. Your school will conduct extra classes, extra mock exams, surprise tests and what not. You will hardly be left with any time.

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Pre-Boards in January will give you a peep into the Main Exams to be held in May-June, 2021

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a delay in all the examination related activities. Now, most of the schools across the country have reopened for classes 9th to 12th. The schools may organise the pre-board examinations in the months of January. Make sure that you give a lot of attention to your pre-boards because they will play a major role in motivating or demotivating you. They are a peep to your boards. Sometimes, it has been observed that many questions asked in pre-board exams are also found in the board examinations. The experience of the school teachers in preparing these pre-board question papers will be highly useful for the students.

In your pre-board exams, if you score brilliantly well, do not start riding high. Never remain over-confident, even if you have scored well in your pre-boards. Remember, sometimes, the situation in boards can completely flip. So, make sure that you still keep revising your entire syllabus and practice a lot.


The students should actually study for the board classes right from day 1 of their class. Eventually, you should revise your syllabus several times in the last three months before the exam. Reserve Febrary-March for mock tests, solving question papers, and sample papers and also pre-board question papers of other schools. Only when you have solved many question papers, will you be able to achieve your desired percentage. The key to unlock the door of success is only hard work and a lot of practice during the pre-board months. So, keep practicing, preparing and revising to be successful in the upcoming CBSE Board Exam 2021.

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