Sea Squirts eat up their own brains

In this article you will come to know the hidden facts about Sea Squirts who eat up their own brains.

Q. Sea Squirts eat up their own brains.

Ans. Actually, it’s the sedentary lifestyle Sea Squirts lead which is considered responsible for destroying their own brains. Sea squirts are considered to be the "filter plants" of the ocean as they refine plankton out of the water and cut it into pieces that can be eaten easily by microorganisms living at the sea bottom. In order to find as much plankton as possible, the young sea squirts keep on drifting through the ocean until they find the perfect place to settle down from which they won't move out until they breathe their last. Thus the only organs they need while drifting are the sense organs, a tail to paddle and a least rudimentary brain. But as after getting sedimented, the sea squirts no longer need their brains to help them swim around or see. So they have a pragmatic solution to this problem, i.e. eat up their own brains.

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