#ItsPossible: Swetha Reddy’s Drive to ‘Impact The World’ lands her Rs 2 Crore Scholarship and Dyer Fellowship at Lafayette College

Swetha Reddy Awarded Rs 2 crore Scholarship and Dyer Fellowship at Lafayette College: 17-year old Swetha Reddy’s Passion and Vision to ‘Impact the World’ wins her scholarship worth Rs. 2 crores at Lafayette College, USA. Backed by her problem-solving skills, Swetha emerged among the 6 Global Scholars chosen for Dyer Fellowship at America’s Top Ranked College. She tells us how her #ItsPossible spirit helped transform this dream into reality.
Gaurav Macwan
Swetha Reddy Awarded Dyer Fellowship at Lafayette College

When most of your friends are busy scrolling through their social media feeds, it would seem pointless to conjure up dreams about having an impact on the world. But not for Swetha Reddy, a teenager with a will to solve any problem and passion to change the world! Swetha has been a promising student throughout, but more than academic brilliance, it was her strong character that helped her leave a lasting impact on the selection committee at Lafayette College. Established in the year 1826, Lafayette College is consistently ranked among the Top 25 colleges in America and is widely known as the Hidden Ivy of the United States.

Dreaming Big at the Age of 14

While academics was always her strong suit, Swetha realised that she would need proper guidance to join one of the top-ranked colleges of America for her graduation. But as the adage goes, when you have the will, the way will find itself; and in Swetha’s case, she was found and groomed by Dexterity Global, a national organization powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training. As a ‘Dexterity to College’ fellow over three years, she received training, support and mentorship to ‘Dream Big’ not only for herself but for the World around her. Swetha expresses her immense gratitude for Dexterity Global and her mentor Sharad Sagar, who have been with her every step of the way.

Scaling a new High

Being awarded a Rs 2 Crore Scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at Lafayette College, which covers Swetha’s full tuition and living expenses for all four years at Lafayette, is no mean feat in itself. But what makes her achievement even more significant is that she is also one of the 6 students from all over the world who received the prestigious “Dyer Fellowship” at Lafayette College. The fellowship is awarded to only a select group of students who show “drive and intrinsic motivation to impact their world, along with a relentless focus on problem-solving”, according to Lafayette College.

Swetha embodies the #ItsPossible spirit of GenX because…after completing her education from one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, she plans on dedicating her life to solving the problems faced by India and her fellow citizens. She feels that her world-class education can give her an edge to leave a lasting impact on the world. Being true to her Dexterity Spirit, Swetha wants to become a Servant Leader of Tomorrow.

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