The Aviation week, Helping the Under Privileged Girl Children and Much more : Captain Anila Bhatia

The International women’s day which is celebrated worldwide on 8 March was celebrated with great élan this year, 2013. For more information, read ahead.

The International women’s day which is celebrated worldwide on 8 March was celebrated with great élan this year, 2013. The women of aviation world week which was organized between 4-10 March 2013 not only celebrated the whole idea of the ‘women’s day’ but also felicitated the women who have been in the aviation industry since long.

While interviewing Captain Anila Bhatia who has been the core members of the ‘Woman of Aviation World Wide Week by Jagran Josh’s Reporter Ronisha Bhattacharyya, this is what she had to say about the weeklong celebrations.

Captain Anila Bhatia stated that the celebration came in with the after math of hundred years of women aviation. The idea of this whole week long celebration was to lead a path way for more and more girls to enter the profession of aviation.

Each day was different in terms of activities. While the first few days covered museums etc, they also had a small painting competition that was organized in the ‘Bal Bhawan’. People generally feel aviation restricts itself to flying, the idea was to show people that aviation is much more than just flying, there are radar controller’s, traffic controllers , cabin crew etc.

The whole thing was done to felicitate the under privileged girl children of the Delhi and the NCR region.

When asked about what could be the apparent reason that women are willing to embrace this profession and look beyond , Captain Bhatia, felt that the media has been able to play the role of a catalyst between the girls and the profession.  Women now understand that this profession is not only a prestigious badge , but also helps you travel around and see new places.

Having worked in the profession of Aviation for the last 35 years, it was very natural to ask, whether it was very difficult growing in the field with the lack of technology and internet power, to which she quite proudly answered that the lack of technology if at all, had never really bothered them, they have been ever learning and ever improvising with their profession. We have also been successful in keeping themselves up beat with the latest technology was coming up and kept their pace with it.

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Be it aviation or any other field, comparing it with the west has always remained our prototypes. While asked if we were par with the west or not, what we got was nothing short than a shining piolt’s answer.  Captain Bhatia believed in the fact that they have worked with the latest technologies in the aviation sector, The pilots are flying the same Boeings that the pilots in all over the world are flying. The final satisfaction came with the last line, which went ‘we are not only at par, but we are better’.

Aviation as an industry has been growing quite vertically, meaning a lot of people are willing to drop in , however very little do we know about the kind of jobs that are available with this industry, this answer was perfectly handled by Captain Bhatia, who said that Aviation has been just more than just pilots and air hostesses , there are immense opportunities, such as radar controllers,  ground handlers, one can also be a flying instructor. Also one can’t rule out a job of an engineer in aviation too. There are immense opportunities that are available.


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