Top 10 movies that MBA Aspirants must watch

Movies are the best source of entertainment. Here is a list of top 10 movies which are a must watch for all the MBA aspirants and will help them gain a better perspective of the life during and after MBA graduation.
Nidhi Gupta

For an MBA aspirant, getting into the feild of MBA could be a quite prudent decision. It requires deliberate thought because both money and time are invested in huge sums. During this period, one might require some help to able to think clearly and pensively. Movies could come to your rescue. Movies is one source which can help an aspirant understand the need for choosing MBA as a career. These top 10 movies for MBA aspirants will provide you guidance, mentorship and igniting the passion among viewers to achieve your dreams. While some movies are thought-provoking some are made for boosting your analytical and decision making skills. You can learn a thing or two from every movie.

Watch these top 10 movies for MBA graduates and get inspired to emerge as a influential leader and efficient Manager:

1. Thank you for Smoking

Director: Jason Reitman

Genre: Comedy-drama film

Year of Release: 2006

Why useful for MBA graduates: It’s the story of Nick Naylor who is a tobacco lobbyist who with the power of his speech turns the table for the tobacco companies in their toughest situations and handling media converting problems into opportunities. The movies teaches soft skills to the MBA graduates and is a complete entertainer.

2. Rocket Singh


Director: Shimit Amin

Genre: Comedy-drama film

Year of Release: 2009

Why useful for MBA graduates: The movie is a must watch for marketing graduates. The protagonist of the movie (Ranbir Kapoor) dreams of starting its own company after some work experience at our jobs, however there is little diversion in this movie wherein our protagonist sees a gap in Post-sales services and understanding it as an opportunity starts his own company capturing the complete local market creating a brand of himself following the simple principles of life like honesty and getting the trust of customer. He does all this while working in similar company.

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3. Guru

Director: Mani Ratnam

Genre: Biographical drama film

Year of Release: 2007

Why useful for MBA graduates: All the finance graduates and those who wish to become entrepreneurs must watch this movie. The story is inspired from the life of one of the biggest business tycoons. It has shown two sides of the man who indulges in corruption, lies, and business politics as well right side being his handwork, willpower, optimism, and persistence. A struggle many of the burgeoning entrepreneurs will face too.

4. Pursuit of Happyness


Director: Gabriele Muccino

Genre: Biographical drama film

Year of Release: 2006

Why useful for MBA graduates: Based on true events, The Pursuit of Happyness follows Chris Gardner as he struggles to achieve the American dream. Chris has everything going against him. His wife left him and he’s raising his 5-year-old son alone, without any real income. Determined to provide for his son Christopher no matter what, Chris enters an unpaid internship program at a brokerage firm in hopes of landing the one paid position available at the end of the training program. Eventually his efforts pay him well.

5. The Insider


Director: Michael Mann

Genre: American drama film

Year of Release: 1999

Why useful for MBA graduates: Business ethics are pure and simple. This movie portrays the business ethics and its implications in the best possible manner. As future leaders, MBAs need integrity. It’s a must and its non-negotiable. Which is worse? Stealing a piece of bubble gum or stealing a million dollars from the corporate account? Do you know the answer?

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6. Wall Street


Director: Oliver Stone

Genre: American drama film

Year of Release: 1987

Why useful for MBA graduates: Again, another masterpiece for all the MBA graduates and aspiring candidates. This movie really deserves to be numbers 1 through 10 on the list and is a picture of how most MBA’s dream of being a “Big Shot.” It provides a look of what power and greed can do to the human soul. It’s a lesson in business that just may have more value added than any of your core classes. It is also the one movie on this list you MUST see before you get your MBA.

7. Office Space


Director: Mike Judge

Genre: American comedy film

Year of Release: 1999

Why useful for MBA graduates: This movie is an inside look at office politics at their finest. It’s a case study in bad management and will give you an up close and personal look at exactly what consultants do. As MBAs, at one time in our past or some time in our future, we can all relate to this movie and thus it’s perfect to be included on this list.

8. Glengarry Glen Ross


Director: James Foley

Genre: American drama

Year of Release: 1992

Why useful for MBA graduates: This movie will give any MBA the ABC’s of selling, literally! It’s a great film on what exactly it takes to make it in the business world as a salesman. If that’s your future then you must see this film!

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9. It’s a Wonderful Life


Director: Frank Capra

Genre: American Christmas fantasy drama film

Year of Release: 1946

Why useful for MBA graduates: This movie will make you feel good around Christmas time. But this story really contains at its root the most important lesson a business man or woman can learn. We MBA types can easily get lost in the pursuit of money, and we delve into work and put aside life itself searching for profits. It’s an easy trap to fall into but it is imperative that every MBA keep things in perspective. Money is really not what’s important in life and no job is worth dying over. In the end our family and friends are truly what’s important and it doesn’t matter if we have a good job or are filthy rich or unemployed, life itself is the real prize of living, and we should never forget it!

10. Citizen Kane


Director: Orson Welles

Genre: American mystery drama

Year of Release: 1941

Why useful for MBA graduates: It’s the best business movie in history. The movie teaches a lesson to any and every potential MBA about the dangers of the path that we are already on! This is an American classic and there really is no excuse for not having seen it, but now that you’re a business student you even more or a reason and less of an excuse.

The list of top 10 movies that every MBA aspirant must watch is recommended to help you gain a perspective of overall personality development. This source of edutainment will not only aid you in developing a perspective from which you are devoid but will also provide you insights that are required for understanding the rule of life i.e. ‘survival of the fittest’.  

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