Top 6 Tips to Spend the Post Exam Holidays Fruitfully

Burried under the immense pressure of CBSE Board Exams, students are eagrly waiting for the exams to get over and enjoy the free time. In this article students will learn how to spend their post exam vacations in a way to shed out the stress and make the most of their free time.
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Best 6 Things to do after board exams

Happiness is....having finished all the exams

All the students of CBSE and other boards for whom exams are still not over must be waiting for the exhaustive exam days to get over, when they could do whatever they want to. After slogging hard for months with sleepless nights, what all they would be asking for is the way to relax. And why not, after all those few days after the exams are like the most precious days when you don’t have to study; you don’t have to follow any fixed schedule; you can sleep whenever you want, for how long you want; you can watch your favourite TV shows and go out for the party with friends. It would be silly if you waste these one or two months’ vacations pondering about the prospective results which would only make you feel stressed and restless. So, just enjoy the leisure that has come after a long time of immense hard work. But quite often, a couple of days into that much-anticipated break, we stop enjoying being a free bird and start getting bored. Then, we feel the need to engage into something which is creative and fruitful.

Here, we have summed up a few activities that students can pursue in the days before the result is out. These activities will help you to explore your inner strengths and abilities along with providing you a recreational experience.

Check out the following things which you can try in your vacations to keep the boredom at bay:

1. Learn what you always wanted to

This is the time when you are not stressed under the pressure of tight schedule of school classes, tutions, homework and so on. That’s why the after exam vacations are considered to be the ideal time to learn the things you always wanted to. Just explore your talents, give them a polishing or start with something new to add to your aptitude. Learn to drive and roll on the roads, take cooking classes to edeavour the distinct flavours, learn a new language to add to your resume, go for dancing classes to tune up your moves, practice singing to make it melodious, and seek many more options which can help you enjoy the spare time as well as enhance your hidden qualities.

Remember one thing, five or more years from now you won’t care how much you scored in a particular xyz exam, but those two months’ classes where you learned a new language, can somewhere change your whole life.

2. Pursue your hobbies

The pressure of academics often makes you to put your hobbies on the back burner. So this is the time when you can give wings to your passion, be it photography, painting, composing songs and poems, writing stories, gardening or mastering martial arts. Hobbies are what keep us alive and relieve the mind of unwanted stresses, boost creativity and instill positivity. You never know, how your leisure pursuit which you call ‘hobby’, gets to be your profession in the near future when you will be able to spend time doing your favourite things while earning a living.

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3. Cheer yourself up

You will never get this precious break once after you are done with your studies. Because, then you will get busy with your career and will be offered no such distressing vacations. So, this is the only time you will get to spend on yourself. So whether your pleasure lies in reading, watching movies, visiting special food joints, going places which fantasise you, walking in the sunshine, spending time with friends, now is the time to indulge.

In fact, I myself waited with the breathless anticipation for the post-exam break so that I may plunge into the world of fiction to retrieve my life and enjoy the world full of fun and pleasures. Hanging out with friends, a day filled with careless laughter, gossip and food, everything memorable indeed.

4. Go out for sport

Humankind plays to survive and survives to play. But again, the sheer academic pressure can make most of the students to give away their favourite sport. After the exams, going out and playing the games that interests you the most, seems like a breath of fresh air. Actually, playing sports acts as a huge stress buster. During vacations students can be seen playing cricket early in the morning or playing football in the muddy grounds. The fierce sunrays showering at them doesn’t bother them at all, nor they care for the thirst or hunger the whole day. Nowadays, parents also take the initiative step to enrol their children to learn tennis, cricket, swimming, or any other trending game. The best thing about a sport is that it will also help you shed those extra kilos you gained while you were glued to your books.

5. Work out the potential streams

For the students who has taken the class 10 exams, be it from CBSE, UP board or any other state board, the big decision, right after the result comes out, will be to choose a stream for next class. Also, after the senior secondary education, students are posed to another big decision to take right course for graduation. This free time before the result, can be much useful to work out the best stream for the next class. You can take out a research to check out the available fields, included subjects, difficulty level, their scope in future, and many other related aspects. You can conduct the informational meets with your seniors, teachers or counselors to make the choice so that you will have a straight and a clear path before stepping into the next level of your academic career.

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6. Join a short term job oriented course

There are many courses that may be learned within a period of one or two months. These kind of short term courses are best to enhance your skill set and give you an edge over the others in this competitive world. Some of the courses you may pursue this summer, are: short hand course, basic course in computer applications like graphic designing, web designing, multimedia, 3d animation, web programmings, digital marketing, computer language like JavaScript, C, C++, and many more. Such basic courses will add a bright touch to your resume when you will approach the employers. Moreover, these short term courses keep your mind active, enhancing its work potential.

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So, dear students, this year your post exam break must be spent in a way to inculcate the best qualities in you along with making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to perform best in the next session of your academic life.

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