NDA Syllabus 2023: Subject-wise Maths, English, GAT, GA, Topics, Exam Pattern

NDA Syllabus 2023: Download the UPSC NDA NA 1 2023 Exam's Complete Marking Scheme and Detailed Syllabus with Subject-wise Topics Here.
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UPSC NDA 2023 Syllabus & Exam Pattern PDF

NDA Syllabus 2023: Candidates must be familiar with the syllabus of NDA 1 2023 exam to avoid any kind of stress/confusion at any stage of the recruitment process. This will help them to focus on relevant topics and avoid topics that are irrelevant from an exam perspective. The commission will conduct the NDA 1 exam on 16th April 2023 for admission to the Army, Navy, and Air Force wings of the NDA for the 151st course and for the 13th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC). So, all the aspirants must go through the NDA UPSC syllabus and start their preparation right away.

Along with that, the candidates should go through the UPSC NDA Exam Pattern to understand the exam format & marking scheme followed by the commission. Let's look at the NDA 2023 Syllabus, the exam pattern & subject-wise topics.

NDA Syllabus 2023 for Mathematics

Check out the NDA Syllabus for the Mathematics subject shared below for the reference of the candidates.


UPSC NDA Maths Syllabus Topics


Concept of the set, operations on sets, Venn diagrams. De Morgan laws, Cartesian product, relation, equivalence relation.

Matrices and Determinants

Types of matrices, operations on matrices. Determinant of a matrix, basic properties of determinants. Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix, Applications-Solution of a system of linear equations in two or three unknowns by Cramer’s rule and by Matrix Method


Angles and their measures in degrees and radians. Trigonometrical ratios. Trigonometric identities Sum and difference formulae. Multiple and Sub-multiple angles. Inverse trigonometric functions. Applications-Height and distance, properties of triangles

Analytical Geometry of Two and Three Dimensions

Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate system. Distance formula. Equation of a line in various forms. The angle between two lines. Distance of a point from a line. Equation of a circle in standard and in a general form. Standard forms of parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola. Eccentricity and axis of a conic. Point in a three-dimensional space, the distance between two points. Direction Cosines and direction ratios. Equation two points. Direction Cosines and direction ratios. Equation of a plane and a line in various forms. The angle between two lines and the angle between two planes. Equation of a sphere.

Differential Calculus

Concept of a real-valued function–domain, range, and graph of a function. Composite functions, one-to-one, onto, and inverse functions. Notion of limit, Standard limits—examples. Continuity of functions—examples, algebraic operations on continuous functions. Derivative of function at a point, geometrical and physical interpretation of a derivative—applications. Derivatives of sum, product, and quotient of functions, the derivative of a function with respect to another function, and the derivative of a composite function. Second-order derivatives. Increasing and decreasing functions. Application of derivatives in problems of maxima and minima

Integral Calculus & Differential Calculus

Integration as the inverse of differentiation, integration by substitution and by parts, standard integrals involving algebraic expressions, trigonometric, exponential, and hyperbolic functions. Evaluation of definite integrals—determination of areas of plane regions bounded by curves—applications

Vector Algebra

Vectors in two and three dimensions, magnitude, and direction of a vector. Unit and null vectors, the addition of vectors, scalar multiplication of a vector, scalar product, or dot product of two vectors. Vector product or cross product of two vectors. Applications—work done by a force and moment of a force and in geometrical problems

Statistics & Probability

Statistics: Classification of data, Frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution—examples. Graphical representation—Histogram, Pie Chart, frequency polygon— examples. Measures of Central tendency—Mean, median, and mode. Variance and standard deviation—determination and comparison. Correlation and regression.

Probability: Random experiment, outcomes, and associated sample space, events, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events, impossible and certain events. Union and Intersection of events. Complementary, elementary, and composite events. Definition of probability—classical and statistical—examples. Elementary theorems on probability—simple problems.


NDA Eligibility Criteria

NDA General Ability Test (GAT) Syllabus

Check out the NDA Syllabus for the General Ability Test subject shared below for the reference of the candidates.


UPSC NDA GAT Syllabus Topics


Grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension, and cohesion in extended text to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

General Knowledge

  • Physics: Physical Properties and States of Matter, Mass, Weight, Volume, Density, and Specific Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Pressure Barometer. The motion of objects, Velocity and Acceleration, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Force and Momentum, Parallelogram of Forces, etc
  • Chemistry: Physical and Chemical changes. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds, Symbols, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations, Law of Chemical Combination (excluding problems). Properties of Air and Water, etc.
  • General Science: Difference between living and non-living. Basis of Life—Cells, Protoplasms, and Tissues. Growth and Reproduction in Plants and Animals, etc.
  • History, Freedom Movement, etc: Freedom Movement in India. Elementary study of Indian Constitution and Administration. Elementary knowledge of Five Year Plans of India. Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Community Development. Bhoodan, Sarvodaya, National Integration and Welfare State, Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, etc.
  • Geography: The Earth, its shape and size. Lattitudes and Longitudes, Concept of time. International Date Line. Movements of Earth and their effects, etc.
  • Current Events: Knowledge of Important events that have happened in India in recent years. Current important world events, Prominent personalities—both Indian and International including those connected with cultural activities and sports.

UPSC NDA Syllabus for Intelligence and Personality Test

The SSB procedure comprises two stages selection process - stage 1 and stage 2. Candidates who will ace stage 1 are allowed to participate in stage 2. The details are:

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The personality of a candidate is judged by three different assessors viz. The Interviewing Officer (IO), Group Testing Officer (GTO), and the Psychologist. There is no separate mark weightage for each test. The marks are given by assessors only after analyzing the performance of the candidate holistically in all the tests. In addition, marks for Conference are also assigned based on the initial performance of the candidates in the three techniques and the board’s decision.  All these are given equal weightage.

NDA Syllabus 2023: Exam Pattern

The UPSC NDA Exam Pattern is as follows:




Maximum Marks



2½ Hours


General Ability Test


2½ Hours





SSB Test/Interview



We hope this article was insightful for all the candidates. The candidates must get familiar with the UPSC NDA Syllabus and exam pattern before commencing their preparation to focus well on the important topics of the exam.

NDA 2023 Exam Updates

NDA Full Form

Difference Between NDA and CDS

NDA 2023 FAQs



Q1. What is the UPSC NDA selection process 2023?

The UPSC NDA selection process comprises two stages i.e Written Exam & SSB Test/Interview.

Q2. How many subjects are included in the UPSC NDA Syllabus 2023?

There are two subjects, i.e., Mathematics & General Ability Test included in the UPSC NDA Syllabus.

Q3. What is the exam duration for UPSC NDA 2023 Exam?

The duration of each paper of the UPSC NDA written exam will be 2 Hours 30 minutes

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