26 out of 30 students from Anand Kumar's ‘Super 30’ crack IIT-JEE

Super 30 foundation's 26/30 students have qualified in JEE Advanced 2018 results which were announced on June 10, 2018. Read here the complete story about achievement of Mr Anand Kumar's Super 30 Coaching Institute.

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Super 30 sucess in JEE Advanced 2018
Super 30 sucess in JEE Advanced 2018

Mr Anand Kumar’ foundation 'Super 30' has again proved to be a success with 26/30 students qualifying JEE Advanced as per 2018 results which were announced on June 10, 2018. ‘Super 30’ is known for its success rate of 95% in IIT JEE admissions every year. This unique educational programme aims to help engineering aspirants from economically backward classes crack the IIT-JEE exam.

Mr Anand Kumar, who is known as a Mathematics wizard, founded Super 30 in 2002 and then on every year, he coaches a batch of 30 students who take the IIT JEE entrance exam. Till now, more than 450 students who trained under Super 30 have qualified for JEE Advanced.


As the students who prepare for IIT JEE entrance exam with Super 30 Foundation belong to the underprivileged section of the society, so they are provided free accommodation, study material as well as food.

This year, the 26 out of 30 students who qualified for JEE Advanced 2018 include Yash Kumar, Onirjit Goswami, Suraj Kumar and Suryakant Das. All of them prepared for IIT JEE with consistent hard work and determination under the able guidance of ‘Super 30’. Of the 4 students from Super 30 Academy who were unsuccessful in the exam, two could not make it and other two backed out during exam preparation only.

Pranav Goyal from Panchkula topped JEE Advanced 2018 with 337 marks

In an exclusive interview with Jagranjosh earlier, the founder of Super 30, Mr Anand Kumar, also confirmed that henceforth they will be coaching around 90 students for IIT JEE next year as Navodaya Vidyalaya Committee will be collaborating with 63 more students. Also, the committee will be catering to the needs of all the students who will be preparing for the JEE Main entrance exam.

This year onwards the engineering aspirants will have to go through an entrance exam to take admission in the Super 30 programme. For this, the students will have to apply in the online mode through the official website of Super 30. The application form for Super 30 admission is available here. The Application form is available for engineering aspirants from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Delhi.

Mr Anand Kumar sacrificed his personal gains to make Super 30 a success

The Super 30 entrance test date for Bihar was May 27, 2018, and the exam was held at the Ramanujan School of Mathematics. The application form of Super 30 for Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Delhi will be available in the second or Third week of June 2018 and the exam centres will be notified on the official website only.

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