Gandhi Jayanti 2023: Top 10 Activities for School Students to Celebrate the Day with Meaning

Gandhi Jayanti Activities: Check this article to explore some of the most interesting Gandhi Jayanti activities for school students to celebrate the day and help them learn about the life and values of the Father of the Nation.

Gurmeet Kaur
Oct 1, 2023, 23:23 IST
Best Gandhi Jayanti Activities for Students
Best Gandhi Jayanti Activities for Students

Gandhi Jayanti Activities for Students: Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October every year to commemorate the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. The day is a national holiday in India and is celebrated to showcase the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, a remarkable leader who struggled to free India from the British Empire. He truth and non-violence to achieve his goal.

Significance Of Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is a day to remember Gandhi's legacy of peace, non-violence, and social justice. His teachings have inspired people all over the world. His peaceful struggle for India's freedom showed the world that it is possible to achieve change with a peaceful fight, even when faced with a powerful and oppressive regime.

Gandhi Jayanti is also a day to consider how we can apply Gandhi's ideas to our own lives. We can all take inspiration from his example and work to bring about positive change in our communities. His life is a source of inspiration for all young students around the world. That is why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with such exuberance in schools and other educational institutes.

10 Most Interesting Gandhi Jayanti Activities for Kidz and High School Students

Schools across India celebrate Gandhi Jayanti by conducting various activities to help students learn about his life and legacy. Here are some of the best ideas for Gandhi Jayanti activities that school students can participate in to celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and pride.

1. Dress up as Gandhi

This is a fun way for students to learn about Gandhi's simple lifestyle. They can wear a white dhoti and shawl teamed up with a bald cap and round spectacles. Carry a walking stick to complete the look.

2. Sing Gandhi's Poems and Bhajans

Gandhi ji’s teachings have been penned down by many great poets and writers in the form of poems and bhajans. Students can learn and sing them on Gandhi Jayanti to spread his message of peace, non-violence, and social justice.

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3. Put Up a Gandhi Exhibition

Students can collect pictures, articles, and other items related to Gandhi Ji’s life and organise an exhibition. This will help students learn more about Gandhi's life and legacy. This is also a great way to showcase Gandhi's principles and values and to inspire others to follow his example.

4. Write an Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

Students can write an essay on Gandhi's life, his teachings, or his influence on the world. This will help them to reflect on Gandhi's legacy and learn to apply his teachings in their own lives.

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5. Make a Poster or Collage

Students can create a poster or collage about Gandhi's life events and teachings. This is an excellent way for them to express their understanding of Gandhi Ji’s message and to share it with others. They can use a particular theme or select any special event from his life to present it through their creativity.

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6. Art & Craft Activity

Engaging students in artistic activities is the best way to teach them about any subject or matter. To foster a deeper understanding of Mahatma Gandhi's life, students must be encouraged to create art related to his life and values. Some creative Gandhi Jayanti craft ideas suitable for preschoolers include

  • Crafting a model of the iconic spinning wheel
  • Crafting a motif representing the three wise monkeys, symbolizing the values of seeing no evil, hearing no evil, and speaking no evil.

7. Essay or Poem Writing Competition

This is one of the best ways to encourage students to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi's legacy and reflect on his teachings of peace, non-violence, and social change through their creative ideas. Students can write about Gandhi's role in India’s freedom and his impact on the nation, or they can also write about a specific aspect of Gandhi's teachings.

8. Speech Competition

Conducting a speech competition on Gandhi Jayanti will encourage students to bring out the hidden orator in them giving them a chance to preach Gandhi’s teachings and life values. Students can include some specific events like Dandi March, Satyagraha, Quit India Movement, and importance of non-violence to make their speech more impactful and engaging.

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9. Quiz Competition

Conducting a fun quiz on Mahatma Gandhi's life is an excellent way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in schools. The educational value and appeal of the Gandhi Jayanti Quiz Competition will be further enhanced by incorporating themed rounds dedicated to specific movements led by Gandhi Ji. Rewarding the winning team with exciting prizes will further enhance their enthusiasm making the event more engaging and rewarding for them.

10. Organize a Cleanliness Drive

This is more related to embracing Mahatma Gandhi's vision of a clean and hygienic India. Students should be encouraged to organize a cleanliness drive on their school campus or in their local community. This is a great way to honour Gandhi's commitment to cleanliness and build a healthier and more sustainable society.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader who used honesty and nonviolence as his only weapons to fight against injustice. He taught us the importance of speaking the truth, preserving peace, and communicating to resolve conflicts. These values should be taught to all students to help them develop resilience. The activities listed above will undoubtedly help young students understand and practise these ideas for leading a life full of meaning and impact.

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