Top 3 books you must read to crack UPSC Competitive exam

Jun 11, 2019 18:40 IST
Top 3 books you must read to crack UPSC and JEE Competitive exams

There are these 3 books that you must read to crack UPSC exam. Every topper who has already cracked tough competitive exam will suggest you to first choose the right study material for the respective entrance test and start the preparation accordingly. Whether you are preparing for competitive exams or want to enhance your knowledge in the field of science, polity, mathematics and arts, then you must read the following books. These books cover all the details including topic-wise question answers and summarized inputs for quick revision.

Without wasting any more time, take a look at the following books that will help you to qualify in any competitive exam:

Lucent's General Science

If you think, you need to work on the science subject more thoroughly; you will have to go through this Lucent’s General Science Book. It covers all the content topic-wise and includes step-by-step solution to every equation. Moreover, at the end of every chapter, it includes important points to remember section and task to do for students. This general science book has every question covered from the subjects of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. The language is also easy to understand.

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24 Years IAS Prelims Topic-wise Solved Papers

This is an ideal book for IAS aspirants. The book cover topic-wise solved papers of 24 years IAS Prelims Exam. It is a must buy for you as this book will give you the space to prepare for the exam in a proper way and give you an overview of the IAS exam pattern. Other than this, practicing with the solved papers will help you to answer the questions on time as well.

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Smart Ways to Learn 

This is an effective book for all those who want to study smartly and with excitement. This book will help you to learn concepts like mind map and art of learning while studying a particular topic. In addition, many industry leaders and spiritual gurus have shared their insight on how to study effectively that will boost your memory power and keep you stress free at the same time.

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