Bring out the artist in your with a career in Graphic Design

If you’re an artist and take interest in conveying persuasive and informative ideas with graphics, then build career as graphic designer following this complete guide.

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How to become a graphic designer?
How to become a graphic designer?

Have you ever thought about the person who gives attractive, appealing, and persuasive look to the content by putting some creative designs in line with the different subjects on websites, in magazines, and newspapers?It’s graphic designer who plays from behind the gallery, using skills, expertise, and knowledge.

To know how to become a graphic designer, come across the details we have provided here, including job opportunities, average salary, colleges and institutes, courses etc.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is an art. The main task of the art is to create striking, attractive, and persuasive designs in line with the content or subject, using images, symbols, or words. It visually communicates the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas, using scratchpads, computer, and software.

What are the elements of the Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designerscreate striking, attractive, and persuasive Image based Graphics in line with the content or subject, using photos, illustrations, logos, and symbols. They also create type based Graphics. Sometimes, they create the graphic image using both the techniques. To create these graphic, they use the elements like lines, shapes, colour, type, and texture.  

What opportunities are available for Graphic Designers in India?

Industries such as advertisement industry, print industry, and web designing industry are the main industries where the plenty of the opportunities are available for Graphic Designers. To get a lucrative job in the industry, one must have good knowledge of tools like Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Blend or more. The career of a Graphic Designer come to a standstill, especially when one isn’t highly skilled and creative in work.

What is expected from a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer simply conveys the expression of aesthetic thoughts, concepts, and ideas in visually best possible way, using images, text, and words. The Graphic Designer are briefed about the subject and asked to fulfil the specific demand. For this, they collect and analyse the details about the subject before giving shape to their imaginations.A Graphic Design is considered as good, result giving only if it solves and conveys the problems of the audience.

What skills are required to become a Graphic Designer?

As a good and skilled graphic designer, you must be able to analyse the subject and create an attractive, striking, and persuasive graphic designs. Many graphic designers initially create a rough sketch on the papers before finalising it on the computer. This method is widely used for creating the graphic designs. A graphic designer must have good communication skills using which he/she conveys his/her aesthetic thoughts, ideas, and concepts in best possible way.  

How much you can earn as a Graphic Designer?

As a graphic designer, you can earn from Rs. 15,000 to 30,000, at initial stage of your career. And after having due experience in the field, you can average pay Rs 274,572 per year.

Courses to become a Graphic Designer

To become good knowledge of Graphic Designing, you need to come across the basic knowledge and concepts, using which you can create good designs. For this, you can pursue any courses is being offered by the different institutes and colleges. Here the list of the courses.

1-Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

(This is a four year course. For this you must be 12th pass.)

2- BSc Multimedia

(This is a three year course. You can do this after 12th.)

3-PG Diploma in Graphic Animations

(It is a one-year course. You can do this after the graduation.)

4-Diploma in Graphic

(This is a six-month course. You can do this after 12th.)

5-Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

(It is 2 year course.)

6-Certificate in 3D Animation

(It is a three-month course. You can do this after 12th.)

Institutes and Colleges

There are several institutes in India where you can do this course:

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
  • Jade Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA), Mumbai.
  • Entrance Animation Training School, Bangalore
  • Department of Design, IIT, Guwahati.
  • TGC Animation & Multimedia, New Delhi
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAC) Mumbai
  • Arena Animation, Mumbai
  • Wadia Design Institute, Ahmedabad


As the advertisement industry, print industry, and web designing industry are growing, the demand for the creative graphic designers is also growing. Building career as graphic designer will therefore remain relevant and fruitful. For those who want to build their career as graphic designer, we have provided the all the details we think is important in this article.

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