Building the right resume for 2017

It becomes hard to get a single interview call if resume or curriculum vitae of the candidate is not written, framed, and structured well. Here the ways to make a good, attractive, and result giving resume.

Building the right resume for 2017
Building the right resume for 2017

You are sending your resume to employers but not getting a single interview call. It keeps you bothering about your eligibility, potential, and competency. There might be problem with the structure, writing style, and framing of the resume if it isn’t carrying any error along.

To know what types of resume or CVs impresses the employers and how to write, frame, and structure it, keep going on the ways we’re suggesting for resume or curriculum vitae writing.

Clear, catchy and concise headlines have good impact on interviewer

Despite having required qualification, efficiency, and worthwhile experience, the job hunters wonder why they aren’t getting a call for interview. It’s the headline of the resume that most often persuades the employers or interviewers to select the candidates for the next level of the selection process. So, use updated, catchy, persuasive, and of course concise headline in your resume.

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Put every content in order to brings the recruiters attention to your strength

After the headline, what persuades an interviewer or an employer to make a call to you for interview is your strength. But, you can’t get positive outcome if you fail to draw the interviewer’s attention to your strength. Most often, the mention of key responsibility areas fail to persuade the interviewers for interview of the candidates. So, to point out your strength, try to mention the work that you have accomplished in last organisation.

Use right font and its size

Apart from content of the resume, the font and its size which gives a appropriate look to the overall resume plays important role. A resume doesn’t meet the expectation of the interviewer if font and size for texts isn’t used appropriately. It results into immediate rejection of the candidates at very first stage. So, be careful of what font and size you’re using in your resume. 

Arrange the content so that the interviewer can read it in flow

You aren’t single person who apply for the jobs. The Human Resource department of companies receive many resume when start the hiring process. They put your resume to another side if it becomes difficult for them to read your resume in flow. They don’t have time only to get stuck with your resume. So, try to arrange the content of your resume as that it can be read in flow. 

Erect your resume using right and updated layout

As far as your first introduction is concerned, what you convey matters later than how you convey it.  So, to be sure of getting a call through the placement of resume, you need to arrange the information about you in good chronologically. From time to time, the layout of the resume is also been updated in accordance with current trends. So, you need to use aware of the layout that you’re using to build your resume.

Check your resume if it isn’t visually appealing

Is your resume visually appealing? If it isn’t, then, there will be no relaxation for you. So, before posting your resume to the interviewer, employers or to the recruiters, you need to cross check your resume whether it’s serving your purpose or not. Because, you can’t make any changes once you send it to the recruiters.

Don’t let errors to ruin your dream

Suppose, the resume, you have sent to human resource team of a company, is carrying errors.  This will lead your immediate rejection. Apart from this, it’ll let the recruiters to think whether you’re competent for the job or not. So, to be strong contender, you need to cross check your resume before sending it to the recruiters.


During the job hunt, what makes inroads among recruiters is the resume. Than-after, the candidate stakes claim for the job lying vacant in the organisation. But, most of the candidates fail to clear very first round of the chase because of their resume which is incompetent to impress the recruiters. Through the set of suggestions, we have tried to help the job hunters who often have to bite the dust. For more such suggestions and article read more.

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