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Looking for guidance to pursue Career in Law? Here is our expert Niluufer Jain who will share insights upon entrance exams, qualifications required, scope, salary, specializations, and personality traits to build a career in the domain of Law. Read on to find out how to enter Indian Judiciary system.

According to a recent report, over 60,000 cases are currently pending in Supreme Court of India, 42 lakh cases are pending in State High Courts while 2.7 crore cases are pending in District and Sub-ordinate Courts. While these numbers show the dismal state of Indian Judiciary, there is no denying the fact that Judicial System is one of the strongest pillars of the country, which has not only defended but promoted the very idea of India. Among the many reasons that can be attributed to the crisis that Indian Judiciary is facing, lack of qualified and trained lawyers is a significant one. Despite being a lucrative, fulfilling and satisfying career option, very few know and understand what does Career in Law or Career as a Lawyer entail. The Career Expert at Jagranjosh, Niluufer Jain shares key details about Career in Law including courses, certifications, fees, salary prospects, specializations, entrance exams etc. that will guide you carve a bright and fruitful career in the field of Law. So let’s find out, what it takes to be a Lawyer in India!

Why pursue Law?

Out of several choices available at your discretion in which you can pursue your career, you should choose Law as a career because it is a course that helps you to understand the Legal Framework of the country. The decision to pursue Law as a Career, will also enable you understand the Constitution, as well as the Judiciary system of the country and be a part of it.

How to pursue Law?

The path to begin this career is not at all complicated. If you are keen on becoming a Lawyer, the first step is to pursue a Bachelor's degree. Candidates can choose one of the two ways available. You can either go for an undergraduate degree to apply for Law entrance exam, or, you can pursue a 5-year Integrated program (a direct ticket to pursue Bachelor's and Master's degree course). In both of the approaches, you are supposed to clear the Law Entrance Exam.

Eligibility to Apply for Post-Graduation in Law

Candidates, who are willing to apply for the Master's level course, must Graduation, with at least 55 per cent in LLB (Bachelor's level). To get admission in the Master's (LLM) candidates are required to appear for a Law entrance exam.

Law Entrance Exams

There are entrance exams at various levels that Law aspirants must clear to eventually become Advocate. Find out the entrance exams that you must apply for to gain rise up the career ladder:

Bachelor's Level

To seek admission in the under-graduate Law course, candidates need to apply for the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

Master's Level

To seek admission in the post-graduate Law course, candidates can apply for one of the entrances such as: AIBE (All India Bar Entrance Exam) or the AILET (All India Law Entrance Test) or the ones conducted by Aligarh Muslim University, IP University, Delhi University, Allahabad University and a few others.

Professional Certification

To become an Advocate (practicing Lawyer), candidates need to enroll for the State Bar Council and you also need to clear the entrance exam of the All India Bar Council (AIBC)

Scope of pursuing Law

Once you get the license to practice as a Lawyer, you will have plethora of opportunities where your skill set can e utilized. A Lawyer can work in multiple areas such as:

1. You can work in Private practice,

2. You can apply for Government practice to become a part of the Judiciary system.

3. Other areas that offer lucrative pay packages are Law firms, Consultancies, International Organizations, UN, UNICEF, World Bank.

4. You can work with Finance sector, Corporate sector, Media Houses, FMCG companies and NGOs.

5. You can even work as a Legal Councilor or Legal Advisor, or if you have your own Law Firm you can be a Partner too.

A lawyer has access to multiple areas and multiple job profiles at their disposal depending upon which specialization you have chosen during your Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Popular Law Specialisations

Choosing a specialisation in this domain will decide the future course of your career trajectory. If you choose to specialise in Corporate Law, you will get jobs with the Corporates. So, some of the areas that wherein you can specialize in Law are: Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, Family Law, Taxation Law, Corporate and Government Law, International Trade and Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insurance Law, Environmental Law as well as Jurisprudence. 

Expected Salary Package

The average salary package offered to Law professionals if he/she possess a Master's is somewhere between 2 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs per annum during the years of career. As you grow up the career ladder, this amount keeps on increasing and you will surely be earning more.

Personality Traits required

There are certain personality traits that are expected from people belonging to that particular profession. If you want to be a Lawyer, you should work on grooming personality traits such as excellent communication skills, endurance capability, negotiation skills, command over different languages, and persuasiveness. It is because the client approaches a lawyer with the expectation that he/she will win the case for them and understand their case patiently. If you possess these essential traits, then your journey to become a successful lawyer is assured. After all, when you are representing your client in a courtroom or you are getting a contract signed, you should be the one who wins it for the client.


About the Expert

Ms Niluufer Jain is a Career Coach, Master Trainer and the founder of The Happy Career Project – India's first and only career consulting firm which helps young professionals craft a successful career strategy for the future. Her work includes career advisory; career development training, mentoring, and coaching through which she has helped hundreds of students and professionals find the right career trajectory that has led them to a happy and fulfilling career.

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