Career in Rural Management

MBA in Rural Management is a very specific specialization. In a Rural management program and career there after, one gets ample learning opportunities. Read the article to know what it holds for you.

Created On: Apr 9, 2014 13:00 IST

India being an Agro-Based Nation where more than 60% of the citizens are engaged in the activity of agriculture and allied services in the rural area, depends heavily on the agricultural activities for it’s economical sustainance. For the purpose of attainment of a structured and planned Rural Life, many modern Management institutes have developed and incepted the subject ofRural Management in the course curriculum of various Management Programmes.

Rural Management – An Essentiality:

There have been many reported incidences of farmers committing suicides in scarcity of proper justification to their sincere and dedicated efforts in creating the national wealth. On the contrary, it also adds to the National loss of both life and property, Rural Management must be practiced for the purpose of the following unprecedented aspects:

1) Providing the justifiable rights to the farmers and their families.
2) Improving the rural conditions of the nation.
3) Enhancing the lives residing in the rural and remote areas of the nation.
4) Conserving and preserving the old, valuable natural reserves of the nation and making them more worthy.
5) Sustainable development of the rural India and merging it head-to-head with the world economy.

Programme Names:

1) Post Graduate Diploma In Rural Management.
2) MBA in Rural Management.
3) Master Of Rural Management [MRM].
4) Post Graduate Diploma Programme In Rural Development Management.
5) Post Graduate Diploma In Rural Marketing.

Oraganizations on ecan work with:

  • Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s).
  • Corporate run Developmental Agencies.
  • Highly talented individuals may even get placed in U.N & Specialized agencies.

Top Institutes & Colleges

a) IIM-Ahmedabad & IIM-Kolkata

b) Institute Of Rural Management, Gujarat.

c) KIIT School Of Rural Management, Bhubaneshwar.

d) XIMB, Bhubaneshwar.

e) National Institute Of Rural Management, Jodhpur.

f) Centre For Rural Management, XLRI, Jamshedpur.

g) National Institute Of Rural Development, Hyderabad.

Career growth:

  • Initial package of 1.2 Lacs - 2.6 Lacs per annum which may easily extend manifolds once the individual becomes experienced. Besides, the exposure to the major productive and revenue generating sector of the nation makes the individual more informative and advanced.
  • One can also opt for a self run business in this context like an N.G.O and draw excellent dividends in all respects.


The scope of Rural Management is not only confined to the rural progress and development but it also affects the lives of the urban population in some respects either directly or indirectly. Hence despite a lot being done , a lot more has to be done in this context in order to shape up the rural economy of the nation and move ahead on the path of Sustainable development at the Global platform.

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