Career in Sales & Marketing

Want to build a successful career as a sales manager? Clear all your doubts about career in sales and marketing through this career counselling interview.

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Career in Sales and Marketing
Career in Sales and Marketing

Success of any product or a business is based upon their sales team. Sales team forms the backbone of any company and makes sure that the business makes a profit. Despite being one of the most important domains, when it comes to career choices. Not many students aspire to become salesmen or sales manager despite it being a very lucrative career choice in terms of both, career growth as well as salary.

 To help you understand the basics of a career in sales and clear all your doubts about, we bring to you an exclusive interview with Mr Akhand Singh who holds vast experience and knowledge in the field of Sales and will help you in understanding different aspects related to a career in sales and marketing.

Question: Why is sales such a critical part of any business unit.

Answer: As you very aptly put it, a career in sales is all about driving the sales of a business to help earn revenue and keep the company profitable. Essentially, the success of any organization depends upon the revenue it makes and therefore sales plays a very important role in the overall success of any business organization.

Question: What are the key responsibilities of a Sales Manager

Answer: As a sales manager you will hold the responsibility to sell the products or services offered by the company in order to bring in the revenue. This means meeting going in the field to make new clients, meet existing clients and convince them all to buy the products/ services that are being offered by your company.

Apart from this, another key responsibility of the sales manager also involves building a good professional network and cordial working relationship with clients. This will help in retaining the clients in the long run for the business.

The third and most important responsibility of a sales manager is to make sure the company stays profitable. Everyone working at the company would depend upon the sales done and revenue brought in the sales team and therefore, essentially the fate of the entire organization rests in the hands of sales team.

Question: Basic skills needed to be a good sales manager

Answer: Sales is a field of ‘people’ where you connect with the clients and convince them to buy your products or services. Therefore, your people skills and communication skills play a very important role in building a successful career in sales. Apart from this, your ability to convince others and the general interest and awareness about the business environment also helps in doing your job better.

Apart from this, because you would be bringing in the revenue and numbers basic understanding of finance and accounting would also be necessary. Basic knowledge of computer would also play an important role in your success as the majority of your sales pitches would be done over PPT while the financial accounts would be maintained over excels.

Question: Are there any specific courses and colleges to build a career in sales?

Answer: The best part about building a career in sales is that there is no specialized degree or course you have to undergo. If you are good at selling things to people, there is no one who can stop you from becoming a good salesman.

While that stands true, companies still look for graduates, especially in business studies to join their sales force. If you hold an MBA it would surely strengthen your case in the job market. In fact, in today’s job market MBA has almost become mandatory eligibility criteria for salespeople.

Question: What are Job Prospects for a Sales Manager?

Answer: As discussed earlier, sale is a common function that is spread across almost every business domain. Take traditional business units or new-age digital ones; sales is an integral part of any organization. This also means that job prospects for a salesman or a sales manager is good.

As far as a career path is concerned, you start at the bottom of the ladder as a passive salesman pitching products on the phone or over other platforms or trying to collect sales leads for your senior. As you gain experience and skills, you can hit the field to meet clients and make new ones for your company. As your career grows, you can climb the corporate ladder to become a sales manager and even sales head pretty quickly.

Question: Salary Prospects for a Sales Manager

Answer: As we bring in the money, sales is one of the most well-paid teams in any company. So, when it comes to the Sales team, the salary prospects for a candidate are excellent. On top of the salary that you are awarded, you can also win hefty sales incentives for every sale that you make. In terms of salary, a person starting out as a fresher can expect around Rs 2 to 3 lakhs per annum which can grow exponentially as you gain experience and knowledge. An experienced sales manager can make anywhere between Rs 15 to 17 lakhs per annum.


So, there you have it, folks! Everything that you need to know and consider before picking sales as a career option. If you have any other doubts related to a career in sales or any other career choice, please let us know through your comments below. Please like this video and share it among your friends to help them make the right career choice. For more videos related to career guidance, please visit

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