Career in Stock Market: Know about Courses, Jobs, Salary & Common Myths Busted

Career in Stock Market in India:  Know more about Courses, Jobs, Eligibility, Salary & Common Myths Busted in Stock Market Jobs.

Nidhi Gupta
Aug 17, 2021, 17:21 IST
Career in Stock Market 2021
Career in Stock Market 2021

Career in Stock Market in India -  Deciding on a career path that delivers a promise of growth and offers stability is a tough decision especially in times when the job market shows the sleek trend in the financial sector. However if one considers building a career in stock market, undoubtedly there are several rewarding job profiles that will stick with you through highs and lows.   

In this article, readers will be able to find out comprehensive details about the career in stock market, job salary prospects, job profiles being offered, and most importantly the myths associated with the career in stock market that have been busted by our experts.     

Read on to find out why students belonging to the financial domain should choose career in stock market in India:

Career in Stock Market - Who is a Stockbroker in India?

A stockbroker is a key agent in the world of the share market who has an array of job opportunities in several firms and broker agencies. A stockbroker's primary job is to deal in shares/stocks on the behalf of their clients. They even involve in extending financial counseling so that clients can build their portfolio of financial instruments to reap profits.

It is important to know the functions of a stockbroker because that is the primary level job which one is offered when they choose a career in the field of the stock market. It helps the freshers understand the client base and their requirements, nature of stocks, how to deal with financial instruments, market sentiments, and many more factors.

Career in Stock Market in India - Popular Job Roles Offered 

When an individual picks a career field, it is common to search for the popular job roles that are offered in that domain and know the responsibilities associated with it. So, here is a list of few common job roles that have been observed in the industry across the stock market vertical.  

  1. Entry-level Job Profiles: Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Stock Broker, Sales Agent.
  2. Middle-level Job Profiles: Technical Analyst, Fundamental Analyst, Manager, Equity Research Analyst
  3. Senior Level Job Profiles: Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Personal Financial Advisors, Financial Consultant


Career in Stock Market in India - Know Salary Statistics

It is crucial to be aware of the financial growth associated with a particular career that one chooses. Personal development is dependent on the financial growth of a person. Considering the salary statistics that are observed about the Stock Market professionals in the industry, here is the data which you are advised to read carefully:-     

Stockbroker - Rs 20,000 to 25,000 per month (between Rs. 2 to 3 Lakh per annum) and an additional performance bonus is provided to the employees.

Relationship Manager : Rs 60,000-70,000 per month

Financial Advisor: Rs 1 Lakhs -1.5 Lakhs per month

Financial Analyst - Rs 3lakhs - 4 lakhs per month

Career in Stock Market in India - Common Myths Busted

The stock market has always been a topic of contention for those who seek financial stability without getting involved in any risk factor for financial growth. They are often found defaming the stock market in the name of gambling, betting, speculative game, and whatnot. On the contrary, if an investor plans the funds wisely and invests with thorough knowledge of the stocks and their past trends, the possibility of reaping profits is far more than getting involved in the risks.

It is important to bust a few myths that keep people from investing in a legal platform of earning money. Read on to find out how the stock market is not what it appears to others:-        

Stock Market is not a Gamble - Tarnishing the reputation of the stock market on the pretext of gambling, betting, and speculation will only slow down the financial growth of the economy. People should be encouraged to put their savings wisely in sound companies and become proud shareholders. The stock market is only a gamble for those who wish to make money overnight and put bets on earning quick money.   

attempting to quadruple their money overnight.

Stock Market does offer Stable Earnings - The entire game of earnings depends upon the risk and return involved in equity holding. The prices of shares fluctuate every day and sometimes every hour, however, if we see the returns in a couple of years, the overall return reaped would be far more than the data displayed in a span of a month or year. Patience is the key here.   

*Disclaimer - The information provided above is only for information purposes to spread financial knowledge and enhance literacy among our readers. It shouldn’t be taken as financial advice by anyone.

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