Carry these devices while going to college, watch out for the No.2 device

Carry these devices while going to college. It is a must for you to carry at-least a mobile charger, USB cable and Pen drive while going to college or attending lectures.

Apr 22, 2019 12:50 IST
Carry these devices while going to college, watch out for the No.2 device

Are you carrying these devices while going to college? If not, you must buy them today and start carrying them to college as these small devices are much more than electronic stuff. For example, you may need a pen drive to transfer some important study material to your laptop while attending lectures. Another example is of a Power Bank that will allow you to charge your smartphone on the go and take important calls without any type of hassle. These electronic devices may look small; however, they come in handy at critical situations. We are going to list three important electronic devices that you must have. Watch out for No. 2!

SanDisk 32GB USB Flash Drive

This 32 GB USB flash drive will help you to transfer important notes, eBooks and study material from yur friend’s laptops. Moreover, you can password protect your files and maintain 100% privacy. Be it photos or music sharing, the pen rive supports any kind of files and transfer with high accuracy and speed. It is compact in size and can be carried anywhere without any type of difficulty.

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Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank

This Power Bank is one of the most important electronic devices that you must carry to charge your smartphone on the go. You will experience ultra-fast charging with this device and it also supports charging two phones at one time. Be it any kind of devices of any brand, this power bank special charging slots for all. It comes with 6 months warranty as well.

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AmazonBasics Micro USB Charging Cable 

Whether you want to charge your phone or transfer files from your computer, this micro USB charging Cable will do the job for you. It supports up to 480 mbps data transmission speed and is perfect for charging android tablets and phones or connecting pc peripherals such as printers and hard disks. Importantly, the cable is made thinner and flexible for comfortable use.

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