CBSE 10th 2023 Science Chapter 1 Mind Map For Superfast Revision

CBSE Class 10 Science Chemical Reactions and Equations: Read this article to get a detailed mind map for quick revision of Class 10 CBSE Science Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions & Equations. Download the Class 10 Science syllabus and NCERT textbook.

Download Class 10 Science Mind Map PDF: Chemical Reactions and Equations
Download Class 10 Science Mind Map PDF: Chemical Reactions and Equations

CBSE Science Class 10 Chapter 1 Mind Map: Do you prefer images over text? Yes, we believe. This is very obvious because the human brain tends to attract more catchy and easily understandable stuff than complex and very long articles. Let's imagine that only a few hours are left for your final exam and you are feeling that you might have forgotten all the topics. What will you do then? Will you read the complete chapter or book? No, that will be time-consuming. The best way will be to refer to something that includes the idea about what the chapter talks about and mention all the important points. Such a role is played by mind maps. 

Mind maps are creative illustrations in the form of flow charts or networks to explain all the highlights of a chapter. It starts from the main chapter name and branches down as the sub-topics add to the discussion. They may further bifurcate if require. Being visual stimulates creativity and encourages the brain to make connections between ideas. Thus you should have such mind maps with you for your last-minute preparations. 

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This article will present a mind map that help you understand your CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 1, Chemical Reactions and Equations. Read and download the Mind Map.


CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Content

The first chapter of NCERT Class 10 Science textbook is about chemical reactions and the equations of the same. Chemical equations are the symbolic representations of chemical reactions occurring between two or more substances. Below is the chapter content that you can refer to and understand quickly. 


Chapter 1: Chemical Reactions and Equations


1.1 Chemical Equations

1.1.1 Writing a Chemical Equation

1.1.2 Balanced Chemical Equation (Seven Steps of Balancing a chemical equation)

1.2 Types of Chemical Reactions

1.2.1 Combination Reaction

1.2.2 Decomposition Reaction

1.2.3 Displacement Reactions

1.2.4 Double Displacement Reactions

1.2.5 Oxidation and Reduction

1.3 Have you observed the effects of oxidation reactions in everyday life?

1.3.1 Corrosion

1.3.2 Rancidity


In the types of reactions knowing which reactions are endothermic and which are exothermic is one of the most important parts. Thus keep this in mind while preparing as there can be questions on that.

Download CBSE Class 10 Science Book PDF

CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Mind Map

To have a better understanding of the above-described content of Class 10 Science Chapter 1 CBSE check the mind map below. This will be a quick revision with no reading of unnecessary text. 

cbse class 10 science mind map

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