CBSE 2020: Tips To Study Online Effectively During Lockdown!

CBSE: Check 7 steps for successful online learning. Students of CBSE Schools & state board affiliated can follow these tips for effective online learning & CBSE 2020 board exams & school exams preparation.

Created On: Jun 15, 2020 13:02 IST
CBSE 2020: Tips To Study Online Effectively During Lockdown
CBSE 2020: Tips To Study Online Effectively During Lockdown

CBSE: Check 7 steps for successful online learning. Students of CBSE Schools & state board affiliated can follow these steps for CBSE 2020 board exams & school exams preparation. Due to COVID-19 pandemic & lockdown, online learning has emerged as one of the popular alternatives to regular classes. Most of the teachers in many schools are teaching online. In platforms like YouTube, you will also find more educators besides school teachers. 

Online learning is a new experience for many students in India and newcomers often face problems with this mode of study. Here are some useful tips with which students can make maximum through online learning. 

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Step 1: Make a list of topics you want to study

Before going for online learning, first, check the latest CBSE Syllabus and select the chapters and topics to be studied. After that, set a time frame to prepare those topics which include time spent on watching videos, making notes & solving questions.

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Step 2: Read these topics from NCERT textbooks

First, read topics from your NCERT textbooks and try to attempt some questions. By doing this you will easily understand what you need to study and where you need to focus and after that watch online videos. With this simple technique, you can easily maximize your online learning.

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Step 3: Besides searching YouTube videos, also search for mind maps, images, and infographics

Videos are great for learning but sometimes several other resources can also help you to learn topics more easily. Plenty of mind maps and infographics are available online. In some cases, these infographics and mind maps are more useful for understanding the topics, when compared to short videos. 

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Step 4: Learn different memorization techniques learn topics for a long time

Students often feel difficulty in memorizing topics. The most common example is of Chemistry subject where students often feel difficulty in memorizing elements of different groups & periods of a Periodic Table. Luckily there are many video tutorials available online with which students can easily memorize important topics or concepts for a long time.  

Step 5: Honestly attempt all the exercises and then cross-check your solutions online

Practice with pen and paper is extremely important for concrete learning. After going through videos, if you will not practice or solve exercises then all your efforts will go in vain. To gain maximum knowledge students must solve exercises given in the NCERT textbooks.

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Step 6: Make notes with pen and paper besides using note-making apps

Nowadays some awesome note-making apps like Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep are available online with which you can easily create and synchronize notes on laptops, mobiles, or desktop. But, many times students put more effort into creating notes rather than studying them. 

However, when students make notes with pen and paper then they need to make more effort in comparison to making notes online.  Students making notes with pen and paper tends to memorize for a longer time. 

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Step 7: Keep revising topics from time to time

Revision plays a very important role while doing studies. Most of the students tend to forget 50% of what they have studied after some time. This problem can be easily solved by going through your notes several times. With the frequent revision, you can easily memorize topics for a longer period.

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