CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Solved Question Paper 2014- SA 2

This article is about the solution of CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Question Paper 2014 SA 2.

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Find CBSE Class 10th English Communicative SA- 2 Solved Question Paper 2014. These questions have been solved as per the marking scheme followed by CBSE.

A few Questions from this Set are given below:

Q. Read the following passage carefully:

The train for Gaya left at 8 p.m. and when that evening I returned to the bungalow a little before that hour, I found Lalajee with freshly washed clothes, and a bundle in his hand a little bigger than the one he had arrived with, waiting in the veranda to say goodbye to me. When I put a ticket for Gaya and five one hundred rupee notes into his hand, he, like the man with the coalgrimed face, was tongue-tied. All he could do was to keep glancing from the notes in his hand to my face, until the bell that warned passengers the train would leave in five minutes rang; then, putting his head on my feet, he said ‘Within one year your slave will return you this money’.

And so Lalajee left me, taking with him the greater part of my savings. That I would see him again I never doubted, for the poor of India never forget a kindness; but the promise Lalajee has made was, I felt sure, beyond his powers of accomplishment. In this I was wrong, for returning late one evening I saw a man dressed in spotless white standing in my veranda. The light from the room behind him was in my eyes, and I did not recognize him until he spoke. It was Lalajee, come a few days before the expiry of the time limit he had set himself. That night as he sat on the floor near my chair he told me of his trading transactions, and the success that had attended them. Starting with a few bags of grain and being content with a profit of only four annas per bag he had gradually and steadily, built up his business until he was able to deal in consignments up to thirty tons in weight, on which he was making a profit of three rupees per ton. His son was in a good school, and as he could now afford to keep a wife, he had married the daughter of a rich merchant of Patna.

Complete the following sentences by choosing the correct options from the alternatives given below :

(1) The author gave Lalaji :

(a) all his savings                    (b) five hundred rupees

(c) five thousand rupees          (d) no money

(2) Lalaji promised to return the author’s money within:

(a) one year                          (b) one month

(c) six months                        (d) two years

(3)Lalaji was a:

(a) Clerk                                (b) officer

(c) salaried person                  (d) trader

(4) The author felt that the poor of India were

(a) bad                                 (b) grateful

(c) good                               (d) dishonest

(5)When the author did not accept interest from him, Lalaji was:

(a) happy                             (b) angry

(c) sad                                (d) excited

(6) Lalaji made money:

(a) slowly                             (b) suddenly

(c) by theft                          (d) by sale of property

(7) The word ‘trading’ is a :

(a) noun                              (b) infinitive

(c) gerund                           (d) participle


(1) b

(2) a

(3) d

(4) b

(5) a

(6) a

(7) a

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