CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Paper SA-II 2015

Here you can find the Science Practice Paper for CBSE Class 10 SA-II 2015. It includes a various set of questions with assigned score for each.

Find CBSE Class 10 Science Practice Paper for SA-II 2015. This paper is a collection of questions from the previous year question papers, along with fresh new questions and has been framed keeping the Students perspective in mind. This will help the Students by building a sound concept before their SA-II Examination.


A : Astigmatism is a focussing error in two perpendicular lines.

B : Stars twinkle due to refraction in fluctuating atmosphere.

a) Both 'A' and 'B' are true statements

b) Both 'A' and 'B' are false statements

c) A' is true while 'B' is false

d) A' is false while 'B' is true

Q. Energy pyramids of an ecosystem lend to diminish at higher trophic levels. This is because at each successive level:

a) Energy is being lost from one level to the next

b) Energy is being concentrated in fewer and larger organisms

c) The organisms become smaller

d) Energy stored and passed is less

Q. An element “Z” is having the atomic number 19. Find the period, and group of this element by writing the electronic configuration.

Q. Calculate the focal length of a convex lens which produces a virtual image at a distance of 50 cm of an object placed 20 cm infront of it.

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