CBSE Class 10th Acid, bases and salts- The Chemical Nature and the Chemical Properties of the Bases

This video is about Acids, Bases and Salts from CBSE Class 10th Science. Here, you will learn about the bases and their chemical properties. In this video. our subject experts will discuss about the topic by giving suitable examples to help you easily learn the basic properties of bases.

Created On: Dec 7, 2017 09:55 IST
CBSE Class 10th Acid bases and salts
CBSE Class 10th Acid bases and salts

In this video we will learn about bases and their chemical properties.

• Bases are the chemical species which when dissolved in water furnish one or more hydroxide ions

• Base like NaOH reacts with active metal (Zn) to form a slat named as sodium zincate with liberation of hydrogen gas which highly combustible but non supportive in combustion 

2NaOH   +   Zn     →     Na2ZnO2   +   H2

• Base like NaOH reacts with non metallic oxide (SO2) to form the corresponding slat named as sodium sulfite and water. 

2NaOH   +   SO2     →     Na2SO3   +   H2O

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