CBSE Class 10th Science Home Board Exam Paper 2017

This article brings you the CBSE Class X Science SA 2 Home Board Exam Paper that conducted in Kendriya Vidalaya School in 2017.

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class 10 science question paper, class 10 home board question paper, class 10 question paper8 years ago, in year 2009, idea of optional board exam was introduced, giving liberty to a student to choose whether he wants to pass his class 10 by taking home board exam or he want to go with CBSE board exam. Actually, home board is when you give your board exams from the question paper supplied and made at your school. At home board, the school will conduct your examination. Whereas, in normal board it is the apex body, CBSE, who conducts board examination nationally. The question papers are made at the headquarters of CBSE.

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But there is not much difference in the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the papers conducted at both levels. In fact, the papers set by the schools for home board exams are first checked and approved by the central board before they are conducted.

Here we are presenting the CBSE Class 10th Science Home Board Exam Paper 2017 that conducted at the Kendriya Vidalaya School. Students can get an idea of the questions to be asked in the CBSE Class 10 Science Board exam paper that will take place on 22nd March, 2017.

Some sample questions from the paper are given below:

Q. Name the chemical process which is used to produce ghee from vegetable oils commercially.

Q. (i) Atomic number is considered to be more appropriate parameter than atomic mass for classification of elements in a periodic table. Why?
(ii) How does metallic character of elements vary on moving (a)from left to right in a period & (b) from top to bottom in a group?

Q. What is Myopia? State any two causes of it with the help of labelled ray diagram show —
(a) The defective myopic eye
(b) Correction of Myopic eye using a lens

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Q. What happens when:-
(i) Ethanoic acad reacts with sodium hydroxide
(ii) Ethanol is heated with alkaline KMnO4
(iii) Ethanoic acid reacts with sodium carbonate
(iv) Ethanol is heated with excess amount of conc. H2SO4, at 443K
(v) Methane reacts with chlorine in presence of sunlight

Q. Which of the following pair is an example of analogous organs?
(a) Thorn of Bougainvillea and a tendril in cucurbit
(b) Wings of an insect and wings of a bird
(c) Forelimbs of a frog and forelimbs of a bird
(d) None of these

Get the complete question paper from this link

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