CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Deleted Syllabus 2023-24

Deleted CBSE Mathematics Syllabus for Class 11: Get here the in-depth elaboration on the deleted Mathematics topics from the latest CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus 2023-24. Download the revised 2023-24 Mathematics syllabus and exam preparation material for better revision.

Atul Rawal
Nov 2, 2023, 18:07 IST
et here the CBSE Class 11 Mathematics deleted syllabus 2023-24
et here the CBSE Class 11 Mathematics deleted syllabus 2023-24

CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Syllabus 2023-24: CBSE is the national-level educational board of India which stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. In recent years CBSE has adapted many changes to its curriculum to ensure students don’t get overburdened with the extended syllabus. The aim of CBSE is to ensure quality education over quantity. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the emphasis is on constraining the syllabus to the required limits of knowledge for students. CBSE has dropped many topics and even chapters from its syllabus and so is the effect on NCERT textbook content. 

If we talk about CBSE Class 11 Maths, many units have experienced drops in the topics whereas others have to drop chapters. To give you detailed information on what topics and chapters have been deleted from the CBSE Class 11 Mathematics syllabus 2023-24 we have framed this article. It will help you understand the new changes and the latest Mathematics syllabus for the academic year 2023-24 and 2024 final examinations.  Check the updated CBSE Class 11 Maths syllabus 2023-24 for better understanding.


CBSE Class 11 Mathematics Deleted Syllabus 2023-2024

Earlier, there used to be six units in the Class 11 Math CBSE syllabus, which are now reduced to five. In the left unit, there are certain chapters that have been completely removed. It would be difficult to understand the dropped topics; thus, we have made it easier for you. Check the table below with the units, chapters, and deleted topics for complete transparency. Make sure to have this list with you while preparing for your final exams to save you from covering topics that may not come up in the final exams.


Chapter No.

Chapter Name

Deleted Topics

Unit I: Sets and Functions 



Power set


Relations & Functions

No Change


Trigonometric Functions 

General solution of trigonometric equations of the type sin y = sin a, cos y = cos a and tan y = tan a.  

Unit II: Algebra 


Principle of Mathematical Induction 

Complete Chapter


Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations 

Polar representation of complex numbers. Statement of Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, solution of quadratic equations (with real coefficients) in the complex number system. Square root of a complex number. 


Linear Inequalities

Graphical solution of linear inequalities in two variables. Graphical method of finding a solution of system of linear inequalities in two variables. 


Permutations and Combinations 

No Change


Binomial Theorem

General and middle term in binomial expansion


Sequence and Series

Arithmetic Progression, Sum to n terms of Special Series

Unit-III: Coordinate Geometry


Straight Lines

Intercept normal form. General equation of a line. Equation of family of lines passing through the point of intersection of two lines.


Conic Sections

No Change


Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry

Section Formula

Unit-IV: Calculus 


Limits and Derivatives 

No Change

Unit-V: Mathematical Reasoning


Mathematical Reasoning 

Complete Chapter

Unit-VI: Statistics and Probability 



Analysis of frequency distributions with equal means but different variances.  



Random experiments; outcomes, sample spaces (set representation). 


CBSE Class 11 Mathematics List of Rationalised Content 2023-24

With the change in the CBSE syllabus, NCERT also follows the update and introduces the same in its books. This ensure students don’t grab unnecessary knowledge. Below are the topics, examples and questions that have been removed from the 2023-24 NCERT Class 11 Maths textbook.


Deleted/Dropped Topics

Chapter 1: Sets

1.7 Power Set, Exercise 1.3 Ques. 5

1.12 Practical Problems on

Union and Intersection of Two Sets

Exercise 1.6

Examples 31–34 and Ques.

6–7 (Miscellaneous Exercise) Ques. 13–16 (Miscellaneous Exercise), Last Point in the

Summary on the Page Last Point in the Summary

Chapter 3: Trigonometric Functions

3.5 Trigonometric Equations (up to Exercise 3.4)

Last five points in the Summary

3.6 Proofs and Simple Applications of Sine and Cosine Formulae

Chapter 4: Principle of Mathematical Induction

Full Chapter

Chapter 5: Complex Number

5.5.1 Polar Representation of a Complex Number

5.6 Quadratic Equation Example 11 and Exercise

5.3 Examples 13, 15, 16 Ques. 5–8, 9 and 13

(Miscellaneous Exercise) Last three points in the Summary

5.7 Square-root of a Complex Number

Chapter 6: Linear Inequalities 

6.4 Graphical Solution of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables

6.5 Solution of System of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 

Last three points in the Summary

Chapter 8: Binomial Theorem 

8.3 General Middle Terms Example 17 and Ques.

1–3, and 8 (Miscellaneous Exercise)

Last two points in the Summary

Chapter 9: Sequences and Series 

9.4 Arithmetic Progression (A.P.) (up to Exercise 9.2)

9.7 Sum to n terms of Special Series

Examples 21, 22 and 24

Ques. 1–6, 12, 15, 16, 20, 23–26 (Miscellaneous Exercise)

Point 3 and 4 in the Summary

Chapter 10: Straight Lines

10.2.4 Collinearity of Three Points (Examples 4–5 and Ques. 8, 13–14 in Exercise 10.1)

10.3.6 Normal Forms Ques. 8 in Exercise 10.2

10.4 General Equation of a Line

Ques. 3 in Exercise 10.3

Ques. 2 (Miscellaneous

Exercise) Fourth Last Point in the Summary

10.6 Equation of Family of Lines Passing Through the Points of Intersection of Two Lines

10.7 Shifting of Origin

Chapter 11: Conic Sections

11.5.2 Special Cases of an Ellipse 

Chapter 12: Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

12.5 Section Formula Exercise 12.3 

Ques. 4 and 5 (Miscellaneous Exercise), 

Last Three Points in the Summary

Chapter 14: Mathematical Reasoning 

Full Chapter

Chapter 15: Statistics 

15.6 Analysis of Frequency Distribution 

Ques. 6 (Miscellaneous Exercise) and last point in the Summary) 

Chapter 16: Probability

16.1 Introduction 

16.2 Random Experiment First Two Points in the Summary

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