Important CBSE Class 12 Biology MCQs 2024 PDF: Check Chapter-Wise MCQs with Answers for Quick Revision

CBSE Class 12 Biology Important MCQs 2024: Practise important MCQs from all chapters of class 12 Biology. These chapter-wise MCQs are important for the upcoming CBSE Class 12 Biology Board Exam 2024.

Important CBSE Class 12 Biology MCQs 2024 PDF
Important CBSE Class 12 Biology MCQs 2024 PDF

CBSE Class 12 Biology Important MCQs 2024: According to the CBSE exam date sheet, the 2023 class 12 Biology paper was held on March 16, 2023. The paper had various types of subjective and objective questions covering the syllabus of Class 12 Biology. MCQs were a major part of the paper covering more than half of section A. To help students learn fast and effectively for their upcoming class 12 Biology exam 2024, we are providing here some of the important Biology MCQs. You can find the chapter-wise list of class 12 Biology MCQs covering major important topics. These MCQs are curated by the subject experts after analysing the latest exam pattern and the revised syllabus of Class 12 Biology. All the MCQs are provided with answers.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Chapter-wise Important MCQs

Chapter 1: Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

Question 1: Persistent nucellus in black pepper is called

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(a) Pericarp 

(b) Perisperm

(c) Primary endosperm nucleus

(d) Endosperm

Answer: (c)

Question 2: In a monocot, endosperm cells have 24 chromosomes. What shall be the chromosome number in embryo:

(a) 24 

(b) 16 

(c) 12 

(d) 8

Answer: (b)

Question 3: Double fertilisation involves:

(a) Syngamy + triple fusion 

(b) Double fertilisation 

(c) Development of antipodal cell 

(d) None of the above.

Answer: (a)

Question 4: Triploid tissue in angiosperms is:

(a) Nucellus 

(b) Endosperm 

(c) Endothecium 

(d) Tapetum.

Answer: (b)

Question 5: In Banana edible part is:

(a) Fleshy epicarp 

(b) Rudimentary mesocarp and fleshy endocarp

(c) Pericarp 

(d) Rudimentary endocarp and fleshy mesocarp

Answer: (d)

Chapter 3: Human Reproduction

Question 1: Which part of the sperm plays an important role in penetrating the egg membrane?

(a) Allosome

(b) Tail

(c) Autosome

(d) Acrosome

Answer: (d)

Question 2: After ovulation Graafian follicle regresses into

(a) corpus atresia

(b) corpus callosum

(c) corpus luteum

(d) corpus albicans

Answer: (c)

Question 3: Which of the following hormones is not secreted by human placenta?

(a) hCG

(b) Estrogens

(c) Progesterone

(d) LH

Answer: (d)

Question 4: Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary hormone known as

(a) LH

(b) FSH

(c) GH

(d) prolactin.

Answer: (b)

Question 5: Delivery of developed foetus is scientifically called

(a) parturition

(b) oviposition

(c) abortion

(d) ovulation.

Answer: (a)

Chapter 4: Reproductive Health

Question 1: The method of directly injecting a sperm into ovum in Assisted Reproductive Technology is


(a) GIFT

(b) ZIFT

(c) ICSI

(d) ET

Answer: (c)

Question 2: In-vitro fertilization involves transfer of ____ into the fallopian tube.

(a) embryo up to eight cell stage

(b) embryo of thirty-two cell stage

(c) zygote

(d) either zygote or embryo up to eight cell stage

Answer: (d)

Question 3: Tubectomy is a method of sterilization in which

(a) one fallopian tube is removed

(b) both fallopian tubes are removed

(c) small part of fallopian tube is removed

(d) small part of vas deferens is removed

Answer: (c)

Question 4: Which of the following STDs are caused by bacteria?

(a) AIDS and Genital Herpes

(b) Syphilis and gonorrhea

(c) Trichomoniasis and scabies

(d) All of these

Answer: (b)

Question 5: A national level approach to build up a reproductively healthy society was taken up in our country in

(a) 1950s

(b) 1960s

(c) 1980s

(d) 1990s

Answer: (a)

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