CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Exam Tomorrow: Important MCQs 2023 PDF for Quick Revision

Business Studies Important MCQs for CBSE Class 12: Practice important MCQs from all chapters of class 12 Business Studies. These chapter-wise MCQs are important for the upcoming CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Board Exam 2023.

Download CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Important  MCQs Pdf
Download CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Important MCQs Pdf

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Important MCQs 2023: This is a crucial phase for the students sitting in the CBSE Class 12 2023 Exams. According to the CBSE’s 2023 date sheet, the next exam in line is Class 12 Business Studies. It is one of the important subjects in the commerce stream. The Class 12 Business studies CBSE Exam 2023 is scheduled for Tomorrow. The Exam code for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Exam is 054. 

Students must check  below the list of chapter/unit-wise mcqs for last minute Business Studies Exam preparation.

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies BluePrint 2022-23:





Part A

Principles and Functions of Management



Nature and Significance of Management



Principles of Management


Business Environment
















Part B

Business Finance and Marketing



Financial Management



Financial Markets


Marketing Management



Consumer Protection





Part C

Project Work


CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Chapter-wise Important MCQs

Part A: Principles and Functions of Management

Unit 1: Nature and Significance of Management

Q1: A manager obtains the required capital at 12% interest while the prevailing rate

Career Counseling

of interest in the market is 10%. How would you describe such a manager?

  1. Efficient
  2. Effective
  3. Efficient and Effective
  4. None of the above

Ans: a. Efficient


Q2: “A manager in a conscious manner has to ensure that even where members of a

department willingly cooperate, coordination gives direction to the willing spirit.” The

characteristic of coordination being highlighted above is :

  1. Coordination is the responsibility of all managers.
  2. Coordination is a deliberate function.
  3. Coordination integrates group efforts.
  4. Coordination is a continuous process

Ans:b. Coordination is a deliberate function.


Q3: The process of creating an internal environment, where individuals work

effectively and efficiently for the achievement of goal is known as ----------------.

  1. Coordination
  2. Delegation
  3. Management
  4. Planning

Ans:c. Management


Q4: Managers apply management principles by using creativity. This is related to

  1. Management as Science
  2. Management as an Art
  3. Management as both Science and Art
  4. Management as a profession

Ans:b. Management as an Art


Q5: KTX Group is rolling out an initiative to help create wealth for its employees

through the implementation of the Employee Stock option. Through motivation and

leadership, the management will help individuals to develop team spirit, cooperation

and commitment to the success of the group. The following importance of

management is highlighted above:

  1. Management helps in achieving personal objectives
  2. Management helps in the development of society
  3. Management creates a dynamic organization
  4. Management increases efficiency

Ans:b. Management helps in the development of society

Unit 2: Principles of Management

Q1: According to the technique of Scientific management “Differential Piece Wage

system” How much more will a worker making 60 units earn as compared to a worker

making 49 units? If the standard output per day is 50 units and those who make

standard output or more than standard get Rs. 75 per unit and those below get Rs. 65

per unit.

(a) Rs. 4500

(b) Rs. 3185

(c) Rs. 1315

(d) Rs. 3250

Ans: (c) Rs. 1315


Q2: The CEO of Radhe Cycles Pvt Ltd. Mr. Kumar wants to get maximum output

from the employees at a competitive cost. On the other hand, Ramakaant, an employee

of the company, wants to get the maximum salary while working the least. The

principle of management given by Fayol being violated by Ramakaant is ----------------

(a) Remuneration

(b) Equity

(c) Discipline

(d) Subordination of individual interest to the general interest.

Ans: (d) Subordination of individual interest to the general interest.


Q3: The principle of management given by Fayol which aims at preventing

overlapping of activities is:

(a) Division of work

(b) Unity of Command

(c) Unity of Direction

(d) Order

Ans:(c) Unity of Direction


Q4: Suraj was engaged in the business of carpet making. Since the company was

making handmade carpets as well as machine made carpet, there were lot of

overlapping of activities. So, the Production manager advised that there should be two

separate divisions where in each division should have its own head, plans and


Identify the principle of management insisted by production Manager.

(a) Unity of command

(b) order

(c) Unity of direction

(d) Equity

Ans: (c) Unity of direction


Q5: Gang plank is concerned about---------------.

  1. a) Contact not allowed
  2. b) Indirect contact
  3. c) Direct contact
  4. d) Contact before application.

Ans: c) Direct contact

Unit 3: Business Environment

Q1: The increasing trend towards E-Commerce is an example of

  1. a) Economic Environment 
  2. b) Legal Environment
  3. c) Social Environment 
  4. d) Technological Environment

Ans: d) Technological Environment


Q2: Which of the following is a component of economic environment?

  1. a) Concern with quality life
  2. b) Rates of saving and investment.
  3. c) Extent of government intervention in business.
  4. d) Birth and Death rates.

Ans: b) Rates of saving and investment.


Q3: ‘Beti Bacho Beti Padho Yojana’ started by the government of India is a part

of _______

  1. a) Economic Environment 
  2. b) Political Environment.
  3. c) Social Environment 
  4. d) Technological Environment

Ans:b) Political Environment.


Q4: Scanning of the business environment helps to identify

  1. a) Opportunities 
  2. b) Threats
  3. c) Both (a) and (b) 
  4. d) None of the above.

Ans:c) Both (a) and (b) 


Q5: Introduction of mobile phone have negatively affected the business of watches and

cameras" Which factor of business environment is related with the sentence. 

(a) Technological environment

(b) Social environment.

(c) Political environment 

(d)Legal environment

Ans: (a) Technological environment

Unit 4: Planning

Q1: Changes and events cannot be eliminated but can be anticipated and managerial response to them can be developed. Which importance of planning is highlighted in the above statement.

  1. Planning provides direction
  2. Planning reduces overlapping and wasteful activities
  3. Planning reduces the risk of uncertainty
  4. It facilitates decision making

Ans: c. Planning reduces the risk of uncertainty


Q2: “If the end result is clear it becomes easier to work towards the goal.” Identify the step of one of the functions of management highlighted above.

  1. Developing premises 
  2. Implementation of plan
  3. Follow up action 
  4. Setting of objectives

Ans:d. Setting of objectives


Q3: Rahul, sales executive of mankind Pharma ltd. Put forth the idea of using artificial intelligence in the marketing of its products which will help in saving time, cost and energy for both ends. The marketing manager appreciated him but suggested to continue with the already developed marketing strategy. which limitation of planning is reflected in the above case.

  1. Planning is time consuming 
  2. Planning reduces creativity
  3. Planning leads to rigidity 
  4. Planning does not guarantee success

Ans: c. Planning leads to rigidity


Q4: Arrange the following in correct sequential order.

  1. Identifying alternatives
  2. Selecting an alternative
  3. Setting up of objectives
  4. Implementation of plan
  5. Developing premises
  6. Evaluating the alternatives
  7. Follow up action
  8. (i) (iii)(ii)(vi)(v)(iv)(vii) 
  9. (iii)(v)(i)(vi)(ii)(iv)(vii)
  10. (iii)(i)(ii)(vi)(v)(iv)(vii) 
  11. (iii)(v)(i)(vi)(ii)(vii)(iv)

Ans: b. (iii)(v)(i)(vi)(ii)(iv)(vii)


Q5: Name the function of management which bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to go.

  1. Planning 
  2. Staffing
  3. Organising 
  4. Directing

Ans: a. Planning 

Unit 5: Organising

Q1: Organising is a process by which the manager

(a) Establishes order out of chaos

(b) Removes conflict among people over work or responsibility sharing

(c) Creates an environment suitable for teamwork

(d) All of the above

Ans: (d) All of the above


Q2: It refers to the number of subordinates that can be effectively managed by a


(a) Organisational structure

(b) Informal organisation

(c) Span of management

(d) None of the above

Ans:(c) Span of management


Q3: Identify the type of organisational structure which facilitates occupational


(a) Functional structure

(b) Horizontal structure

(c) Network structure

(d) Divisional structure

Ans: (a) Functional structure


Q4: When decision-making authority is retained organisation is said to be by higher

management levels, as

(a) Decentralised

(b) Centralised

(c) Fragmented

(d) None of the above

Ans:(b) Centralised


Q5: Which of the following is not an element of delegation?

(a) Responsibilty

(b) Authority

(c) Accountability

(d) Decentralisation

Ans:(d) Decentralisation

Download PDF of all the CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Important MCQs from the link below:

CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Exam 2023- Important MCQs PDF


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Date of CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Exam 2023?

As per the 2023 CBSE date sheet, the CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Exam (054) 2023 is scheduled for 25th March 2023. The day would be Saturday.
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