CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Exam 2023 TODAY: Important Case Study Based Questions to Revise

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Important Case Study Based Questions: Check Important Case Study Questions to practice before CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Board examinations 2023 on March 23, 2023. The answers have also been provided for your reference.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Exam 2023: Important Case Study Based Questions for Revision
CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Exam 2023: Important Case Study Based Questions for Revision

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Important Case Study-Based Questions: The Class 12 Computer Science 2023 paper has been scheduled for March 23, 2023, from 10.30 AM. The question paper will contain both subjective and objective questions, from the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science 2022–23 syllabus. Here, we have provided important case study-based questions which require a solid grasp of the subject and the capacity to relate theories to real-world scenarios. Check these case study questions and their answers to score well in the upcoming examination. 

Q1 Yash Malik of IIT Guwahati is writing a program to store roman numbers and find their equivalents using a dictionary. He has written the following code. As a programmer, help him to successfully execute the given task.

import __________ #Line 1

numericals = {1: ‘I’, 4 : ‘IV’, 5: ‘V’ , 9: ‘IX’, 10:’X’, 40:’XL’,50:’L’, 90:’XC’,


file1 = open(“roman.log”,”_______”) #Line 2



file2 = open(“roman.log”,’________”) #Line 3

num = pickle.load(file2)

file2.__________ #Line 4

n = 0

while n!=-1:

print(“Enter 1,4,5,9,10,40,50,90,100,400,500,900,1000:”)

print(“or enter -1 to exit”)

n = int(input(“Enter numbers”))

if n!= -1:

print(“Equivalent roman number of this numeral is:”,num[n])


print(“Thank You”)

(a) Name the module he should import in Line 1.

Career Counseling

(b) In which mode, Amit should open the file to add data into the file in Line #2

(c) Fill in the blank in Line 3 to read the data from a binary file.

(d) Fill in the blank in Line 4 to close the file.

(e) Write the output he will obtain while input is 100.


(a) pickle

(b) wb

(c) rb

(d) file2.close()

(e) C

Q2 Lalita is studying in one of the popular IITs. She already learned Network Topology, Types of Network and Communication media and has started learning about protocol. Help her to learn protocols with the below question-answers.

1) Which protocol is used to send or receive emails? 

2) Which protocol is used to surf the web? 

3) Which protocol is used to surf the web securely? 

4) Which protocol is used to send or receive the files? 

5) Expand the POP protocol.





4) FTP

5) Post Office Protocol

Q3 Web server is a special computer system running on HTTP through web pages. The web page is a medium to carry data from one computer system to another. The working of the webserver starts from the client or user. The client sends their request through the web browser to the webserver. Web server takes this request, processes it and then sends back processed data to the client. The server gathers all of our web page information and sends it to the user, which we see on our computer system in the form of a web page. When the client sends a request for processing to the web server, a domain name and IP address are important to the webserver. The domain name and IP address are used to identify the user on a large network.

  1. Web servers are:

A IP addresses

B Computer systems

C Webpages of a site

D A medium to carry data from one computer to another

  1. What does the webserver need to send back information to the user?

A Home address

B Domain name

C IP address

D Both b and c

  1. What is the full form of HTTP?

A Hypertext Transfer Protocol

B Hypertext Transfer Procedure

C Hyperlink Transfer Protocol

D Hyperlink Transfer Procedure

  1. The _____ translates internet domain and host names to IP address

A Domain name system

B Routing information protocol

C Google

D Network time protocol

  1. Computer that requests resources or data from other computer is called as ____ computer

A Server

B  Client

C None of the above

D a and b

  1. DNS stands for:

A Domain Name Security

B Domain Number System

C Document Name System

D Domain Name System


1 B

2 D 

3 A

4 A

5 B

6 D

Q4 Rajesh is making software on “Items & their prices” where various records are to be stored/retrieved in STORE.CSV data file. It consists of some records (Item & Price). She has written the following code in python. As a programmer, help her to successfully execute the program.

import  ___________# Statement-1

def AddItem(Item, Price)   ___# Statement-2

f=open(“STORE.CSV”,  ___ )# Statement-3


fw.writerow([Item, Price])

   ____________ # Statement-4

def ShowRecord():

with open(“STORE.CSV”,”r”) as NI:

NewItem=csv._______ (NI)# Statement-5

for rec in NewItem:

print(rec[0], “#”, rec[1])


AddItem(“Sugar”, 38.00)

AddItem(“Rice”, 48.50)

ShowRecord()# Statement-6

Q1 Which module should be imported in Statement-1.

  1. pickle B. csv C. file D. text

Q2 Which file mode to be passed to add new record in Statement-3.

  1. w+ B. w C. wb D. a

Q3 What should be written in Statement-4 to close the file?

  1. close() B. fw.close() C. f.close() D. csv.close()

Q4. Which function to be used in Statement-5 to read the data from a csv file.

  1. read() B. readline() C. readlines() D. reader()

Q5. Output after executing Statement-6 will be

A (“Sugar”, “38.0”) 

(“Rice”, “48.50”)

B Sugar 38.0

Rice 48.0

C Sugar, 38.0 

Rice, 48.50

DSugar # 38.0

Rice # 48.50


1 B

2 D

3 C

4 D

5 D

Q5 Kiran has started a business all over India and he wants to establish a network among its offices and branches. Help him to choose various communication media as per requirement.

Head Office: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 10 Computers

Branch 1: Delhi, 50 Computers

Branch 2: Mumbai, 100 Computers

Branch 3: Kolkata, 100 Computers

1) Kiran wants high speed network in Branch 1, Delhi. Which cable he has to used to provide maximum speed among computers. 

2) Kiran has low budget in Branch 2, Mumbai. Which cable he has to use to keep low cost network establishment. 

3) Kiran does not know about guided or unguided media. Kindly help him to classify the below media into Guided and Unguided media. 

  1. Fiber Optic
  2. Radio wave
  3. Co-axial
  4. Microwave

4) Kiran wants to connect Head office with all branches. Which communication media he has to used to connect head office with all branches.


1) Fiber Optic Cable

2) Co-axial cable or Twisted Pair Cable


a Guided Media

i Fiber Optic

ii Co-axial

b Unguided Media

i Radio Wave

ii Micro Wave

4) Satellite Link

Q6 Tim Berners Lee proposed the idea of World Wide Web and Lee and his team are credited with inventing Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), HTML and the technology for a web server and a web browser. Using hyperlinks embedded in hypertext the web developers were able to connect web pages. They could design attractive webpages containing text, sound and graphics. This change witnessed a massive expansion of the Internet in the 1990s.

1 What is a web browser?

A A program that can display a webpage

B A program used to view HTML documents

C It enables a user to access the resources of internet

D All of the above

2.Dynamic web page _____

a)is same every time whenever it displays

b)generates on demand by a program or a request from browser

c)both is same every time whenever it displays and generates on demand by a program or a request from browser

d)is different always in a predefined order

3 URL stands for _______

a)unique reference label

b)uniform reference label

c)uniform resource locator

d)unique resource locatoR

4.A web cookie is a small piece of data that is __________

a) ent from a website and stored in user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website

b)sent from user and stored in the server while a user is browsing a website

c)sent from root server to all servers

d)sent from web to world

5.Google Chrome is an good –

a)Web server.

b)Web browser.

c)Web protocol.

d)Subset of website sent from the root server to other root servers


1 D

2 B

3 C

4 A

5 B

Q7 Nisha, an intern in ABC Pvt. Ltd., is developing a project using the csv module in Python. She has partially developed the code as follows leaving out statements about which she is not very confident. The code also contains errors in certain statements. Help her in completing the code to read the desired CSV File named "Employee.csv"

#CSV File Content 






#incomplete Code with Errors 

import CSV              #Statement-1

with open ( ______, ______, newline='') as File:               #Statement-2 

ER= csv.           #Statement-3 

for R in range (ER) :          #Statement-4 

if ___________ =="ACCOUNTS" :           #Statement-5 

print ( _____, ______)          #Statement-6 

1 Nisha gets an Error for the module name used in Statement-1. What should she write in place of CSV to import the correct module?



(c) Csv

(d) pickle

2 Identify the missing code for blank spaces in the line marked as Statement-2 to open the mentioned file.

(a) "Employee.csv", "r"

(b) "Employee.csv", "w"

(c) "Employee.csv", "rb"

(d) "Employee.csv", "wb"

3 Choose the function name (with parameter) that should be used in the line marked as Statement-3.

(a) reader (File)

(c) writer (File)

(b) readrows (File)

(d) writerows (File)

4 Nisha gets an Error in Statement-4. What should she write to correct the statement?

(a) for R in ER

(b) while R in range (ER):

(c) for R = ER:

(d) while R ==ER:

5 Identify the suitable code for blank space in Statement-5 to match every row's 3rd property with "ACCOUNTS".

(a) ER[3]

(b) R[2]

(c) ER[2]

(d) R[3]


1 B

2 A

3 A 

4 A

5 B

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