CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Work: Academic Session 2021-22

Check details of project work in CBSE Class 12 Economics for CBSE Academic Session 2021-22.

Created On: Jun 15, 2021 13:04 IST
CBSE 2021-22
CBSE 2021-22

Check details of project work in CBSE Class 12 Economics for CBSE Academic Session 2021-22. It contains guidelines, marks distribution, topics & other details of CBSE Class 12 Economics Project work.

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CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Work: 2021-22

Project Work in CBSE Class 12 Economics (Class XII): Detailed Guidelines 

The  objectives of the project work are to enable learners to:

⇒ probe deeper into theoretical concepts learnt in class XII

⇒ analyse and evaluate real world economic scenarios using theoretical constructs and arguments

⇒ demonstrate the learning of economic theory

⇒ follow up aspects of economics in which learners have interest

⇒ develop the communication skills to argue logically

The expectations of the project work are that:

⇒ learners will complete only ONE project in each academic session 

⇒ project  should  be  of  3,500-4,000  words  (excluding  diagrams  &  graphs),  preferably hand-written

⇒ it will be an independent, self-directed piece of study

Role of the teacher: 

The teacher plays a critical role in developing the thinking skills of the learners. A teacher should: 

⇒ help each learner select the topic based on recently published extracts from the news media, government policies,   RBI bulletin, NITI Aayog reports, IMF/World Bank reports etc., after detailed discussions and deliberations of the topic

⇒ play the role of a facilitator and supervisor to monitor the project work of the learner through periodic discussions

⇒ guide the research work in terms of sources for the relevant data

⇒ eucate  learner  about  plagiarism  and  the  importance  of  quoting  the  source  of  the information to ensure authenticity of research work

⇒ prepare the learner for the presentation of the project work

⇒ arrange a presentation of the project file

Scope of the project:

Learners may work upon the following lines as a suggested flow chart: 

Choose a title/topic

Collection of the research material/data 

Organization of material/data 

Present material/data

Analysing the material/data for conclusion 

Draw the relevant conclusion 

Presentation of the Project Work


Expected Checklist:

⇒ Introduction of topic/title

⇒ Identifying the causes, consequences and/or remedies

⇒ Various stakeholders and effect on each of them

⇒ Advantages and disadvantages of situations or issues identified

⇒ Short-term and long-term implications of economic strategies suggested in the course of research

⇒ Validity, reliability, appropriateness and relevance of data used for research work and for presentation in the project file

⇒ Presentation and writing that is succinct and coherent in project file

⇒ Citation of the materials referred to, in the file in footnotes, resources section, bibliography etc.

Mode of presentation/submission of the Project: 

At the end of the stipulated term, each learner will present the research work in the Project File to the External and Internal examiner. The questions should be asked from the Research Work/ Project File of the learner. The Internal Examiner should ensure that the study submitted by the learner is his/her own original work. In case of any doubt, authenticity should be checked and verified.

Marking Scheme :

Marks are suggested to be given as –

S. No.


Marks Allotted


Relevance of the topic



Knowledge Content/Research Work



Presentation Technique







20 Marks







Suggestive List of CBSE Class 12 Economics Projects:


Class XII

⇒ Micro and Small Scale Industries

⇒ Food Supply Channel in India

⇒ Contemporary Employment situation in India

⇒ Disinvestment policy of the government

⇒ Goods and Services Tax Act and its Impact on GDP

⇒ Health Expenditure (of any state)

⇒ Human Development Index

⇒ Inclusive Growth Strategy

⇒ Self-help group

⇒ Trends in Credit availability in India

⇒ Monetary policy committee and its functions

⇒ Role of RBI in Control of Credit

⇒ Government Budget & its Components

⇒ Trends in budgetary condition of India

⇒ Exchange Rate determination – Methods and


⇒ Currency War – reasons and repercussions

⇒ Livestock – Backbone of Rural India

⇒ Alternate fuel – types and importance

⇒ Sarwa Siksha Abhiyan – Cost Ratio Benefits

⇒ Golden Quadrilateral- Cost ratio benefit

⇒ Minimum Support Prices

⇒ Relation between Stock Price Index and

Economic Health of Nation

⇒ Waste Management in India – Need of the hour

⇒ Minimum Wage Rate – approach and


⇒ Digital India- Step towards the future

⇒ Rain Water Harvesting – a solution to water crises

⇒ Vertical Farming – an alternate way

⇒ Silk Route- Revival of the past

⇒ Make in India – The way ahead

⇒ Bumper Production- Boon or Bane for the farmer

⇒ Rise of Concrete Jungle- Trend Analysis

⇒ Organic Farming – Back to the Nature

⇒ Any other newspaper article and its evaluation on basis of economic principles

⇒ Any other topic