CBSE Class 12 Geography Term 2 Answer Key 2022: Check Question Paper & Solution!

Check CBSE Class 12 Geography Term 2 Answer Key 2022 below. Know the solutions to the toughest questions rated by the students in the Term 2 Geography paper here. 

CBSE Geography Term 2 Answer Key 2022
CBSE Geography Term 2 Answer Key 2022

CBSE Class 12 Geography Term 2 exam was conducted today, May 5, 2022. The students exited the centres with happy faces and termed the paper to be easier than in previous years. Now the students are waiting for the answer key. Here are the solutions to questions of the CBSE Class 12 Geography Term 2 Question paper below. Students who appeared in the exam can download the question paper and answer sheet here. 

CBSE Class 12 Geography Term 2 Exam 2022: Download Question Paper (PDF)
CBSE Class 12 Geography Exam Analysis: Students Expect Better Marks in Term 2, Check Expert Review!

CBSE Class 12 Geography Term 2 Answer Key 2022:

The exam was for 2 hours and 35 marks. You can download the question paper through the link shared in the table above. 

Q. Mention important features of 'the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Seaway

Ans. The St. Lawrence Seaway is the infrastructural link used for navigation between the St. Lawrence River at Montreal and Lake Erie at the end of the Welland Canal. Downstream, the St. Lawrence River Channel, which is dredged to insure a controlled depth of 10.5 meters (35 feet), extends to Quebec City.

The landforms of the Great Lake – St. Lawrence Lowlands, with their rolling hills and slopes, were carved by glacial streams. Two of the most prominent geological features include the Niagara Escarpment and the Frontenac Axis.

Q. How has the internet become the most effective and advanced of all the personal communication systems in India? Explain

Ans. The communication revolution came into the world through the internet. The Internet is the most effective and advanced one and is widely used in urban areas.

It enables the user to establish a direct connection through Email to get access to a world of knowledge and information.

It is used for e-commerce and carrying out money transactions.

It is a huge central warehouse of data, with detailed information on various items.

Q. Explain any two ways to conserve minerals in India

Ans. Alternative energy sources like solar power, wind, wave, and geothermal energy are inexhaustible resources. These have been developed to replace exhaustible resources.

In the case of metallic minerals, the use of scrap metals will enable the recycling of metals. The use of scrap is especially significant in metals like copper, lead and zinc in which India’s reserves are meagre. The use of substitutes for scarce metals may also reduce their consumption.

Q. Why should non-conventional sources of energy be promoted? Explain

Ans. Sustainable energy resources are only renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydro geothermal and biomass. These energy sources are more equitably distributed and environment friendly. The non-conventional energy sources will provide more sustained, eco-friendly cheaper energy after the initial cost is taken care of.

Q. "Indira Gandhi Canal irrigation has brought prominent transformation in the agricultural economy of the region." Support the statement.

Ans. The availability of soil moisture, and various afforestation and pasture development programmes under CAD have resulted in the greening of the land.

This has also helped in reducing wind erosion and siltation of canal systems.

This intensive irrigation has led to a tremendous increase in agricultural and livestock production.

Spread of canal irrigation has led to increasing in cultivated area and intensity of cropping. The traditional crops are sown in the area, gram, bajra and jowar have been replaced by wheat, cotton, groundnut and rice.

Q. "Television (T.V) has emerged as the most effective audio-visual medium in India". Explain the statement. 

Television broadcasting emerged as the most effective audio-visual medium for information and educating the masses. It helps to relay news, pictures, and telephone calls to vast audiences around the world. It has a better reach and better trust among the viewers. 

 The rest of the answers would be uploaded soon on this page. Keep refreshing the page for the answers here. 

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