CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Paper Pre-Board 2015

Here you can find the Physics Practice Paper for CBSE Class 12 Pre-Board 2015. It includes a various set of questions with assigned score for each.

Created On: Nov 6, 2014 15:30 IST

Find CBSE Class 12 Physics Practice Paper for Pre-Board 2015. This paper is a collection of questions from the previous year question papers, along with fresh new questions and has been framed keeping the Students' perspective in mind. This will help the Students by building a sound concept before their Pre-Board Examination.

Q. Why do you think that the sum of the masses of the nucleons formed by the mass of the nucleus is greater than itself?

Q. Give the reason for the hydrogen spectrum consisting so many lines instead of having only one electron in its vicinity.

Q. What should be the type of biasing done inorder to give semiconductor diode a low resistance?

Q. What according to you should be the reason for both the objective and the eyepiece of a compound microscope should have a small focal length?

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