CBSE Class 12th English (Core) Solved Practice Paper - Pre Board: Set- I

Find CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Solved Pre-Board Practice Paper for the coming exam 2015-2016. These questions will not only help the students to prepare for exams in a better manner, but will also help them in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied.

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Find CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Solved Pre-Board Practice Paper for the coming exam 2015-2016. These questions will not only help the students to prepare for exams in a better manner, but will also help them in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied. 

Few Sample Questions from this paper are as follows:

Q. Read the following passage carefully.

1. South India is known for its music and for its arts and rich literature. Madras or Chennai can be called the cultural capital and the soul of Mother India. The city is built low in pleasant contrast to the ghoulish tall structures of Mumbai and Kolkata. It has vast open spaces and ample greenery. The majestic spacious Mount Road looks like a river, wide and deep. A stroll on the Marina beach in the evening with the sea glistening in your face is refreshing. The breeze soothes the body, it refreshes the mind, sharpens the tongue and brightens the intellect.

2. One can never feel dull in Chennai. The intellectual and cultural life of the city is something of a marvel. Every street corner of Chennai has a literary forum, a debating society and music, dance and dramatic club. The intelligent arguments, the sparkling wit and dashing irony enliven both the political and the literary meetings. There is a young men’s association which attracts brilliant speakers and equally brilliant listeners to its meetings. It is a treat to watch the speakers use their oratorical weapons. Chennai speakers are by and large sweet and urbane, though the cantankerous, fire-eating variety is quite often witnessed in political campaigning. The more urbane speakers weave their arguments slowly like the unfolding of a leisurely Karnataka raga.

3. Music concerts and dance performances draw packed houses. There is hardly any cultural family in Chennai that does not learn and patronise music and dance in its pristine purity. Rukmani Devi Arundale’s ‘Kalaksherta’ is a renowned international centre. It has turned out hundreds of celebrated   maestros and dancers who have brought name and glory to our country. Karnataka music has a charm of its own. It has the moon’s soft beauty and moon’s soft pace. Thousands of people flock to the temple ‘maidans’ to get drunk with the mellifluous melodies of their favourite singers. They sit out all night in gruelling heat, swaying to the rhythm of ‘nadaswaram’ and rollicking with the measured beats of ‘mridangam’. M. S. Subbulakshmi is considered to be the nightingale of the south.

4. The God’s might descend from heaven to see a South Indian damsel dancing. There are several varieties of South Indian dance- Bharat Natyam, Mohini Attam, Odissi, Kathakali etc. age cannot wither nor custom stale its beautiful variety. Bharat Natyam is the most graceful and enchanting dance form while Kathakali is most masculine and virile. South Indian dances combine voluptuousness with purity. Here every muscle and fibre of the body vibrates into life, and as the tempo increases, a divine flame-like passion bodies forth as if making an assault on heaven.

5. South Indian dress, particularly of the males, is puritanically simple. There you cannot distinguish a judge from an ‘ardali’ by their dress. South Indian ladies too look charming and graceful in their colourful Kanjeevaram and Mysore silk saris.

6. South Indian cuisine, especially ‘dosa’, ‘idli’ and ‘vada’ are so delicious that now we can enjoy them almost everywhere in India as well as in some foreign countries. The Madras ‘idli’, which was a favourite of Gandhiji is served with ‘sambhar’ and coconut ‘chutney’.

1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate option.

1. South India is known mainly for its

(a) tasty food

(b) traditional music, art, literature

(c) scenic beauty

(d) delicate and precise ways

2. South Indian dances are special because

(a) Gods come from heaven to see them

(b) there aren’t many varieties of dance

(c) they are pure as well as sensuous

(d) they make an assault on heaven 6

1.2 Answer the following questions as briefly as possible

(a) How does the breeze on the Marina Beach affect the author?

(b) How do we know that music is very important for the people of South India?

(c) What is the common connection between the language, music and dance of South India?

(d) What makes Karnataka Music charming?

(e) Enumerate the features of Bharat Natyam and Kathakali form of dance.

(f) What is Kalakshetra renowned for?

1.3 Find words from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following.

(a) Ill-tempered and quarrelsome (Paragraph 2)

(b) Smooth and sweet (Paragraph 3)



1. (b) traditional music, art, literature

2. (d) they make an assault on heaven 6


(a) Soothing effect –refreshing – brightens intellect

(b) Thousands flock to hear – sit all night in adverse conditions

(c) Very pure – enchanting – divine

(d) Soft beauty – soft pace

(e) South Indian – graceful, enchanting - voluptuous – pure - full of life –divine North Indian – monotonous, mechanical

(f) Rukmani Devi Arundale’s Kalakshetra


(a) Pleasant,

(b) Urbane

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