CBSE Class 12th Mathematics question paper 2012 Set-3

Find CBSE Board Exam 2012 Class XII Mathematics Question Paper (Set-3). This CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper 2012 (Set -3) will help you to get the information about the questions  and the latest pattern that how questions  are being framed.

Created On: Sep 28, 2012 15:04 IST
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Solve 2012 CBSE-Mathematics Question Paper (Set-3) given here.

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1. a * b = a + b - 5, then write the identity element for the operation * in Z.

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2. Write the value of cot (tan-1 a + cot-1 a).

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3. If A is a square matrix such that = A, then write the value of (I + A)a - 3A.

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4. Write the direction cosines of a line parallel to z-axis.

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