CBSE Class XII Agriculture Theory Set I Question Paper- 2011

Find here the CBSE 2011 Question Paper for Agriculture Theory Set I

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Solve 2011 CBSE : Agriculture Theory Set I question paper

1. (a) Whys is target of foodgrain production fixed for every five years in India ? Give reasons. 3

    (b) Name three important commercial crops of India. Give their botanical Names. 6

    (c) Mention total sugarcane Production in India for the year 2006-07. 1

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2. Fill in the blanks :

(i) Yellow revolution in related to production of —.   10

(ii) Seed rate of mustard is —kg/ha.

(iii) — is the most commoly used biofertizer.

(iv) Contour strip cropping is adopted to reduce soil— .

(v) Botanical name of soybean is — —.

(vi) Critical period of weed control in upland rice is days— after planting.

(vii) 2,4-D is a — herbicide.

(viii) A hectare is equivalent to— acres.

(ix) Separating grains from bhusa is called —.

(x) Predominance of exchangeable sodium in soil develops— into.

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3. (a) For the following question, four alternative choices have been provided, of which only one is correct. Select the correct choice. 5

I. C/N ratio of organic matter in furrow slice is

(i) 3 : 1 - 4 : 1

(ii) 6 : 1- 7 : 1

(iii) 18 : 1 - 19 : 1

(iv) 8 : 1 - 15 : 1

II. Redox potential is related to cultivation of

(i) Pearl-millet

(ii) Paddy

(iii) Maize

(iv) Wheat

III. Whiptail disease in cauliflower is due to deficiency of

(i) Cu

(ii) Mn

(iii) Mo

(iv) Zn

IV. The rate of photosynthesis under the high light intensity may be controlled by

(i) 8°2

(ii) CO2

(iii) NH4

(iv) None of the above

V Commercial farming is mostly

(i) Import oriented

(ii) Export oriented

(iii) Indigenous use oriented

(iv) None of the above

(b) Write very briefly (2 - 3 lines) on the following

(i) Chlorosis

(ii) Black soil

(iii) Azolla

(iv) Intercropping

(v) Biological control of pests

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CBSE Class XII Agriculture Theory Set I Question Paper- 2011


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