CBSE Class XII IT Systems (Theory) Question Paper- 2011

Find here the CBSE 2011 Question Paper for IT Systems theory

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Solve 2011 CBSE : IT Systems (theory) question paper

1. Expand the following abbreviations and write a brief description about each: 5

(a) FTP

(b) FDD

(c ) LAN

(d) CAM

(e) FMS

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2. Fill in the blanks with suitable word(s) : 5

(a) — DOS command is used to clear screen.

(b) — DOS command is used to Change Directory.

(c) Booting is loading—into the RAM of computer.

(d) Files when deleted in Windows are moved to —.

(e) BIOS is built into the — (memory) chips of a computer.

(f) — is used for factory automation.

(g) 1 Gigabyte (GB) = — MB.

(h) — is a protocol for transferring files to and from a host computer.

(i) A — is a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication of person.

(j) The process of sale and purchase of goods over the Internet is Called —.

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3. Answer the following questions briefly: 8

(a) What is Robotics?

(b) How is screen server set up in Windows?

(c) What are the steps for installing new software in Windows?

(d) Write DOS command to Delete Directory.

(e) Write DOS command to Rename File.

(f) How can Internet be used for Marketing? J

(g) What is the function of Repeater in a Computer Network?

(h) Define privacy with reference to computer security.

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CBSE Class XII IT Systems (Theory) Question paper 2011

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