CBSE Class XII IT Systems (Theory) Set II Question Paper- 2011

Find here the CBSE 2011 Question Paper for IT Systems Theory Set II

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Solve 2011 CBSE : IT Systems (Theory) Set II question paper

1. Explain the follwoing abbrevations and write a brief descriptions about each:  5

(a) LAN

(b) HDD

(c) FTP

(d) CAM

(e) FMS

2. Fiil in the blank with suitable words(s):   5

(a) BIOS is built into the — (memory) chips of a computer.

(b) Files when deleted in windows are moved to —.

(c) 1 Gigabyte (GB)=—MB.

(d) Connecting/ linking two more computers other computing device together is called —.

(e) — is the protocol for transferring files to and from a host computer.

(f) A — is a secret word or string  of characters that is used for authenification of person.

(g) — is used for factory automation.

3. Answer the following questions very briefly:  12

(a) What is a control unit in Computer

(b) How in window task bar can be hidded or displayed ?

(c) How Multimedia setting can be changed in windows ?

(d) Write DOS command with example for making directory ?

(e) What is Robotics ?

(f) What is digital Signature ?

(g) What is CPU ?

(h) How repeater and gateway paly important role in computer networking ?

CBSE Class XII IT Systems (Theory) Set II Question Paper 2011

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