CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Painting: Download PDF

CBSE: Check CBSE Class 12 Painting Sample Paper 2021 and CBSE Marking Scheme of this 12th Painting Sample Paper. These resources are essential for the preparation of the upcoming CBSE 12th board exam 2020-21 of Painting subject.

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CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Painting
CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Painting

CBSE: CBSE 12th Painting Sample Paper 2021 (based on revised CBSE Syllabus 202-21) for upcoming Class 12 Painting board exam is available here for download in PDF format along with the CBSE 12th Painting Marking Scheme 2021. Students preparing for CBSE 12th Painting board Exams 2021 are advised to download these resources and analyse them for better preparation.

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CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Painting

Time allowed 2 hours Maximum Marks : 30

General Instructions: Answer all the 5 sections:


1. Mention the title of painting done by Painter Nihal Chand of the Rajasthani School?

a) Radha (Bani Thani)

b) Krishna lifting mountain

c) Krishna with Gopies

d) Maru Ragini

2. In which its sub school the famous miniature painting of the Deccan school ‘Chand Bibi playing

polo (Chaugan) is made:

a) Bijapur Sub School

b) Gol Konda Sub School

c) Ahmadnagar Sub School

d) Hyderabad Sub School

3. In which medium the Rajasthani miniature paintings are made?

a) Oil colors

b) Pastel Colors

c) Water colors

d) Acrylic colors

4. Contemporary (modern) Indian graphic print ________ depicts the concept of fertility and power of worship.

a) Children

b) Man Women and Tree

c) Devi

d) Of Walls

5. The famous painter of the Mughal School ________________ has brilliantly depicted the marriage procession of the Mughal Prince

a) Ustad Faquirullah Khan

b) Miskin

c) Haji Madni

d) Usdad Mansoor

6. Mention the title painting done by the painters Nand Lal Bose of the Bengal School.

a) Journey’s End

b) Radika

c) Shiv & Sati

d) Meghdoot


General Instructions: Answer to be written for each is about 30 words

1. Evaluate the compositional arrangement of any three of the following in short:

a) Saint Kabir and Raid ass

b) Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhan

c) Chand Biwi Playing Pob

d) Hazarat Niamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusro


1. Identify any relevant painting of the Bengal School included in your course of study comprising of the following features and explain them in that painting accordingly.

a) The creation of mystic and mellow style by using gloomy coloring with diffused light background and absence of any dark line or tone, which provide the experience of the astral world.

2. Which one of the contemporary Indian Sculptor you like the most? Write about the style characteristics materials etc. of his/her work.


General Instructions : Answer to be written in about 200 words:

1. Write short notes on any two of the following

a) Mother And Child

b) Haldi Grinders

c) Rama Vanishing Pride of ocean

d) Mother Teresa


General Instructions: Answer to be written in about 200 words :

1. Write as essay (in not more than 350 words) on any one of the following:

a) Contribution of Bengal school in promoting nationalism

b) Deccani Schools of Painting.

⇒ Download CBSE Sample Paper 2021 for Class 12 Painting (PDF)

⇒ Download CBSE Marking Scheme 2021 for Class 12 Painting (PDF)

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