CBSE Takes Over the Charge for Conducting NET

Burdened by numerous complaints against cheating in the National Eligibility Test (NET) UGC assigned the responsibility of conducting this year’s NET to CBSE. CBSE is planning the safest and secure system to ensure exams without cheating.

Created On: Dec 3, 2014 14:51 IST

New Delhi: UGC took an eminent decision over complaints regarding cheating in National Eligibility Test (NET), as to make this year’s test fair and transparent. This time CBSE has been made responsible for conducting NET.

This year, among the 44 test centers, none test would be within campus of AU. Moreover, UGC has written to the district magistrate and the higher officials of the police force to make all the necessary arrangements that are needed to conduct a fair and transparent test.

Past instances witness that there had been several cases wherein some of the candidates used to fill the application forms one after another and consequently, they were allocated roll numbers next to each other. Later, these aspirants used to sit in a group at a common test centre for cheating.

This year, CBSE had given the centre coordinator user id and password and the same could be opened by on a daily basis and a closer look shows that all the roll numbers are in a random order. Moreover, the sitting arrangements have also been changed as no two candidates of the same subjects would be sitting one behind another.

CBSE has also constituted a team of observers, members of, which would accompany the test papers and would submit the same at CBSE regional office.

Important Points:

  1. UGC made CBSE responsible for conducting this year’s NET
  2. UGC took this decision out of complaints of cheating in the National Eligibility Test (NET)
  3. No two candidates of the same subject will sit one behind another