CBSE Topper Study Time Table 2023: How Do Topper Study with Planning and Strategy

CBSE Topper Study Time Table 2023: CBSE Board exams are less than a week away and students are all trying to perform their best. So, how do the toppers of CBSE Board exams study? Check here the CBSE Toppers study time table, study planning and exam strategy.

CBSE Topper Study Time Table 2023
CBSE Topper Study Time Table 2023

How do CBSE Toppers Study: CBSE Topper Study Time Table 2023 - CBSE Board exams of classes 10th and 12th are two important milestones for any student. These are one of the firsts among the many major examinations that students take throughout the course of their student-life. Generally, all students work rigorously to perform their best in the CBSE Board examinations. They work hard with their heart, soul, and sweat to score good marks or rather score TOP marks. In the quest to get the highest scores, CBSE Board exam candidates often wonder “how do toppers study?” 

In the aspirational bid to perform their best, students tend to look up to what worked right for the previous CBSE Board toppers.

In this article, we are going to answer “How do CBSE toppers study?” 

How do CBSE Toppers Study?

Although each student has their own study style, there are some common aspects common to most. While what worked for previous years’ toppers might not work the best for you, you can tweak these tips and strategies to work the best for you. 

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Here, we reveal the tried and tested formulae used by CBSE board exam toppers over the years. 

1 Consistency is the key: Study regularly

Studying regularly for 4 to 6 hours a day will bring fruits sweeter than what studying for 12 hours on random days will. Studying for CBSE Board examinations is more about gaining knowledge than cramming. Therefore, students must understand that they might be able to secure average marks by overnight, last minute cramming but to get top marks, they must be regular with their study preparation. Each day. They must spend some time preparing for various subjects. 

Thus, unlike other students, toppers study consistently.

2 Quality > Quantity: Moderation and Realistic approach

Often students wonder why studying for 12+ hours each day is not working for them. This is because toppers do not indulge in mindlessly studying for multiple hours at a stretch. Instead, CBSE toppers study in moderation with sufficient breaks in between short study sessions. They take a realistic approach towards board exam preparation by providing themselves with refreshment and recharge periods. This helps them focus and concentrate better when they study.

Thus, unlike other students, toppers prioritise the quality of study over the number of hours spent with books.

3 Balanced study schedule for productivity

If you also keep studying the same subject for a few days and move on to another subject until you cover the syllabus and so on, you might be doing it wrong. There are two reasons behind this.

First, the CBSE Board exams have at least five main subjects including language papers, Science, Maths, Social Science. All these subjects are equally important in the students’ overall results. If you do not focus well on all these subjects, you might score great marks in one or two subjects but your grades in the other subjects will drop. 

The second reason is that studying the same subject all day might reduce your focus, bore you and hence, lessen your efficiency. 

Hence, to study like a topper, you must try to create a balanced study schedule where you are able to spend some time daily on more than one subject. 

Thus, unlike other students, toppers create a balanced study schedule to focus on all subjects.

4 Use ‘To-do’ List to do well

Having a daily time table or a daily to do list which not only plans but also monitors your daily 

Progress is important. It helps you see how far you have come in your exam preparation. Ensure that you note down and analyse your daily progress. This will also help you stay motivated to move ahead. Additionally, you will be able to plan for the upcoming days based on the progress you have made so far. 

Thus, unlike other students, toppers strategise carefully to make each day count. 

5 Revision: The key to effective studying

Consistent revision is the Midas touch that all CBSE toppers add to their Board exam preparation. Preparing for the CBSE Board exam is a tough task with a vast syllabus, practical exams, writing practise and so on. While rushing to memorise and covering the whole syllabus, students often forget to revise what they study. Just rushing through the syllabus will be of little to no help if students do not also revise what they studied previously. Without revision, your brain might not remember the fundamental concepts and information. To make sure that your brain has not just processed all information but also stored it, you should revise regularly. 

Daily spend some time on a quick revision of the topics that you prepared on the previous day.

Thus, unlike other students, toppers not just study daily but also revise regularly. 

6 Healthy lifestyle 

To score Top marks in CBSE Board examinations, you must make full use of your capabilities. To study like a topper, you must use your brain, body and mind to the fullest. In order to efficiently utilise your capabilities, CBSE Board exam candidates in classes 10, 12 must maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle consists of quality 8 hours sleep, healthy and optimum quantity of food, some physical activity and relaxing and positive thoughts. Sleepless nights, overeating in stress and sitting with books for hours will yield no positive results. 

Thus, unlike other students, toppers use their brain, mind and body to study and prepare for the board exams to the best of their capabilities.

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CBSE Topper Study Time Table

What is the study time table of CBSE toppers? How do CBSE Toppers plan their study routine? If you also have these questions and need help plan your own Study Time Table and Routine, check the following CBSE Topper Study Plan and Strategies:

CBSE Topper Study Routine

By giving about 3 hours daily to three subjects, you can get closer to your goal of the top marks in CBSE Board exam 2023.

Please note that this is a generic study time table and can be modified according to individual needs.

Morning session

1 hour

Revision of the topics prepared yesterday


1 to 1.5 hours

Practise creative writing or grammar portions from Language and LIterature subjects


2 hours 

Study a short chapter from Science stream and practise various exercise questions, important questions, etc.

Longer Break, Lunch, Short Nap

Afternoon session

1 hour 

Practise Maths problems from NCERT and spend time on Maths Sample Papers, Additional Practice Questions, Previous year questions, etc.


1 hour 

Continue practising Maths NCERT problems, Maths Sample Papers, Additional Practice Questions, Previous year questions, etc.

Evening Session


1 hour 

Spend some time reading through or Social Science topics of either of the four units. Read prescribed NCERT Textbooks and practise questions from relevant resources such as Social Science sample paper, practise questions, etc.

Other subjects


1 hour

Revision of the chapter prepared yesterday



Note: Students can choose/ add or remove the subjects and chapters and the time duration based on their progress and exam time table.

Important Resources for CBSE Board Exam Preparation 2023


How many hours do toppers sleep?

Sleep is veryimportant for students who want to top in CBSE Board exams because one can make efficient use of their cognitive capacitiy only when their brain is regularly recharged and refreshed with 8 hours of quality sleep. Spening sleepless nights is not the secret to any CBSE topper's scores.

How do CBSE toppers study?

CBSE toppers plan their study by 1) setting realistic goals for themselves 2) maintaining a healthy lifestyle 3) studying from the right study materials 4) analysing their progress regularly 5) spending time in regular revision and practise

How many hours do CBSE toppers study?

CBSE Toppers focus on studying efficiently rather than on the number of hours they spend studying. However, 6 to 8 hours of study every day is an optimum time in general.

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