CDS Exam I 2016: Preparation Tips for English

Jagranjosh will provide you the preparation tips for the English section of CDS Exam I 2016, which will help to crack the CDS Exam.

Created On: Jan 25, 2016 12:21 IST
Modified On: Jan 28, 2016 15:44 IST

English is such a language for any competition exam which can make you or even break you in getting good scores and when it comes to CDS (Combined Defence Service) which is considered to be difficult exam to clear, Ignoring English section will be the downfall. So Dear Aspirants start building your vocabulary which is a must for every student to appear for this examination. In this, we will guide for the preparation of English section with the important topics which are expected every year. If we look at the pattern of CDS examination, English is included in each category 1.e IMA, INA, AFA, OTA and the maximum marks distribution is 100.A Number of questions asked is 120 which include 1/3 of negative marking too.  

1.Reading Comprehension: Solving reading comprehension is an inevitable part. Many questions are expected from this topic if done correctly one can score more in this section. Due to the tough level, indirect passage questions are asked so students are advised to make it a habit of solving passages daily with the technique to find the right answer, understanding the crux of what author is saying and in which tone it is conveyed. In 2015, 23 questions were asked from 5 different passages.

2.Vocabulary: There are several ways to improve your vocabulary.

•Reading is the best practice; one can learn new words from newspapers, magazines or books. Selecting words finding out their meaning and using them or repeating them helps to memorize more.

•Using technologies like listening English songs, watching English movies or using different correct pronunciations app in your mobile is added advantage.

•Remembering word for long term is difficult so start practicing in a group by playing several vocabulary games.

•Synonyms & Antonyms is a part of this last year 15 questions came.

3.Para jumbles/ sentence jumble:  it contained 17 questions last year with the easy to moderate level of difficulty. It is a set of connected statement in some random order when which unjumbled create a meaningful paragraph. Eliminate options is the best way to find the correct answer.

4.Cloze test: cloze test is a reading exercise in which candidates are provided with the passage where certain words are missing. To understand the flow of the passage and to answer correctly candidates need to be good in grammar and vocabulary. Reading the passage thoroughly and understanding the theme gives the idea and your job to find the correct from the options becomes easy.

5.Sentence improvement/ correction:  candidates need to be perfect in grammar rules and techniques to get the numbers in this topic.  Knowing the Usage of verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, conjunction, preposition, and subject verb agreement is a must.


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