CDS Exam I 2016: How to prepare Mathematics

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As we all know Mathematics is such a subject which is challenging and considered to be a healthy section in any competitive examination.  Some people start panicking while attempting this section because gasping is not the solution top any question in Mathematics. Candidates think they can practice other subjects like English or General Knowledge to get maximum marks and will work less on Mathematics but please!! Aspiring candidates who want to join an army and are appearing for CDS Exam scoring minimum marks to clear in each section is important. Ignoring any will lead to failure!!

CDS Exam I 2016: Last minute tips for Mathematics

First of all, candidates should learn and practice Mathematics with interest. Check out your NCERT school books to get the basic knowledge which will, in addition, benefits you to prepare from other high- level competitive books.

Helpful Tips for CDS Exam

Time schedule: Dividing time for each topic by going through the syllabus will be useful.   Daily practice in Mathematics will make you strong.

 Formulae:   Memorizing formulae by making list or notes will be helpful. Learning tables, squares will save a lot of time.

Tricks& Shortcuts: Mathematics section becomes easy to crack within the time frame if you know several shortcuts to solve the questions& puzzle.

Hard Work:  No doubt one cannot pass Mathematics section without paying effort. Taking coaching and concentrating in classes will make you efficient. Smart work, playing with the number will yield better results.

Speed& Accuracy: Solve fast and accurate is what matters in this subject.

 Candidates who have a good hold on Mathematics or have studied in graduation may be well versed about each topic of this challenging subject. Here are few tips for intelligent students / Toppers in Mathematics.

• For people who are already good in this subject needs to divide the time according to the topic which demands more question ever year. For instance, if we look at the analysis of previous year important topics are quadric equations, number system etc.  Taking help from your mentors to know the tricks will give you an edge over other. Confidence is the key to succeeding but it often happens over confidence leads to failure so even you have thorough knowledge in this learning each day is important, solving mock test papers and finding the correct in a short span of time may give you the desired maximum marks.

Average / Weak
Students who are average in Mathematics needs to be dedicated and discipline. A good preparation for each topic is recommended for concentration and clearing all the concepts. Topics like percentage, time distance, work, age are easy to understand so initially these should be practice on tips and later can move to difficult ones like equations etc. Sometimes we develop these things in mind that clearing Mathematics is not my cup of tea because you have always got fewer marks in it. Remember hard work can give you results but if it’s done smartly you can crack the paper.

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