Challenges students face in life after college

Are you in the final year of college and wondering what comes next. Read through to prepare for some of the challenges that you'll face in life after college.

Created On: Dec 6, 2019 18:28 IST
Challenges students face in life after college
Challenges students face in life after college

Life after college can be as challenging as it was when you first experienced the shift from school to college. The dynamics of college life are quite different from that of a professional life that you are to live once you graduate. If you have done a few internships you might have a fair bit of idea of the life that awaits you. For even though as an intern you might not have experienced the work pressure yourself but it is hard to miss when you see or hear your seniors talk about work-life balance.

Just like college brought along with it more freedom and responsibilities, life after college will come with a lot more freedom and loads of responsibilities. Only thing is life after college is more challenging and hard  to adapt. Though nothing could make the challenges disappear but knowing about them beforehand can help you prepare so that they don't catch you unexpected. Thus, here are some challenges that you'll face in life after college. Best to be prepared to face the storm then be caught in it unprepared.

Finding yourself the right job

Not everyone secures a good job during the campus placements. Some, even after getting good offers give them up for they are not of their interests. Some of you might even be completely clueless as to what kind of job you want to take up. There are another kind who do not want to pursue a career in the field of their academic but follow their passion such as that of music and photography. But no matter what road you choose to tread upon remember, that the initial few years will always be difficult and you might face many down moments. But the key is to not give up and strive for what you want.

Change in Dress Code

One of the biggest change that a student faces is the change in dress code. Most workplaces have a defined dress code which usually comprises of formal attire. Unlike, in college where you didn't bother with what to wear unless it was the presentation day or some other special occasion. In office, you have to be quite careful of what you wear to the workplace every day. You cannot just pull that first shirt out of your wardrobe, put it on and show up to the office. So, take some time out and go shopping to get yourself some new office wears.

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Managing your finances

Many of you might feel that you have become quite good at money management while at college. For you have been managing your budget and expenses all on your own for quite some time now. But managing your finances in college where a major source of incoming money was your pocket money from the parents and some extra bucks that you earned from part time job or freelance. Managing your finances while working a full-time job is quite different. You have to learn to save and make judicious spending. You would need to learn to keep track of and pay your taxes and also, learn to manage your investments.

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Staying Connected with friends

When you start working your office takes up more than half of your day. And by the time you are ready to leave all you can think of is to reach home have dinner and crash on to your bed. Late night parties, partying with friends till late or movie marathons no longer seem as an exciting option. The only thought in your mind is to get enough sleep before you have to wake up early morning again tomorrow for work. You'll spend a lot of time planning a trip with friends but they just won't seem to work out for some important project would turn up at someone's work all of a sudden.

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In Summation

Once you graduate and get out of college you'd have to move out of your comfort zone. You'd have to perform under tight deadlines and high pressure. There will be many situations where you'd want to give your peace of mind to person in front of you but you'd have to bite your tongue for you know that you want that job. The sooner you adapt to the lifestyle and the sooner you learn to face the challenges that come with it the quicker you'll advance and succeed in life.

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