Charisma is all about the way how others think of you and feel around you

Nov 23, 2010 16:13 IST

Charisma is all about the way how others think of you and feel around you

Charisma is the ability an individual has; it makes you alluring and attractive, influencing and persuading and sets people around. It is all about how others think of you and how you treat and regard them.

Everyone is gifted with different talents and charisma and each man wants to develop this charisma to the maximum. Some realize the hidden talents or strengths while others don’t. Once the strength is recognized, the charisma will grow up automatically.

There are certain ways to develop charisma to succeed in life. Some ways are given below

• Dress and address: One important factor that decides how you are perceived by others is the way you look and the way you address others. A neat and proper dress can help you out in making first impression. And the way you talk to others will impress them further. So, a proper dress and address will certainly make other people around you comfortable and you can easily pursue and implement your plans with ease.

• Treat others to your dignity: Like Hamlet advises Polonius to treat the players "according to your own dignity, rather than their deserts", one should treat everyone equally according to his or her dignity. This will certainly help you make a healthy relationship with people around you.

• Be a good listener: Don’t interrupt while the other person is speaking. Everyone loves their story to be heard. Ask a question or two to show that you pay attention to their story. This will give others a sense of significance and you will also be respected then.

• Know your strengths and weaknesses: If one knows the strengths and the weaknesses in oneself, one can open up more to others. He can work on his weakness and can develop a strong character thereafter.

• Words and actions: Man dies of words. Think hard before you speak anything and once spoken, let your every word turn into action. It will make others respect and admire you more and more.

• Don’t forget to make compliments: Give value and compliments to people for things they have done or for what they are. A polite “Thank You” would work wonders for a thing they have done for you.

• Smile always: Smile opens the door for others to get close to you. It represents your friendly way and the message that one can approach you and also shows at the same time the interest you have in others. This is the start of every new relationship.

Thus, by becoming aware of the things above, following and working on them, one can easily develop a charismatic character and achieve the goals of life.

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