Civil Services (IAS) Prelims 2012: Review of GS Paper 1

If we go through the questions asked in the GS Paper 1 of IAS Prelims 2012, we find that most of the questions asked in the examination tested the administrative aptitude of the candidates.

Jun 2, 2012 09:20 IST
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The questions were not only on new government plan and schemes but also on global warming and ecological system. Besides, there were questions on general science as well. Although, questions were not directly asked from the current affairs segment, it should not be concluded that without having a detailed knowledge of current affairs one could have answered the questions.

For instance, during the Parliament in session we often read about adjournment motion in newspapers. If we read carefully newspaper reports, we find the purpose of that motion. The same thing was asked in the examination asking the candidates to state the purpose of the adjournment motion.

Therefore, knowledge of current affairs along with understanding of basic concepts is essential for cracking this exam

Solved GS Paper-1 of IAS Prelims 2012

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