Science: Class 7 NCERT Book Chapter 1 (PDF) In Hindi

Hindi PDF of Chapter 1 (Nutrition in Plants) of Class 7th Science NCERT Textbook is available here for download.

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Hindi PDF of Chapter 1 (Nutrition in Plants) of Class 7th Science NCERT Textbook is available here for download. Download now & prepare for CBSE Class 7th Science exams in 2021-22. It is an extremely important chapter of the CBSE Class 7th Science NCERT textbook (Hindi) & many important questions are asked from this chapter.

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Download Class 7 Science NCERT Book Chapter 1 (PDF): Hindi 

Important topics of this chapter:

Important topics of this chapter are Nutrient, Parasite, Autotrophic, Chlorophyll, Heterotrophs, Host, Insectivorous, Photosynthesis, Saprotrophs, Stomata, Saprotrophic, Nutrition, etc. Problems from these important topics have been frequently asked in CBSE School exams.

Important points from the summary of Class 7 Science NCERT Book Chapter 1 (Hindi):

- All organisms need food & use it to get energy for the growth & maintenance of their body.

- Heterotrophs: A few plants & all animals are dependent on others for their nutrition.

- Green plants synthesise food for themselves by the process of photosynthesis are known as Autotrophs.

- Plants like Cuscuta are parasites and they take food from the host plant.

- Carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, water, & sunlight are the essential requirements for photosynthesis.

- Plants use simple chemical substances like CO2, mineral water for the synthesis of food.

- Complex chemical substances such as carbohydrates are the products of photosynthesis.

- Solar energy is absorbed by the chlorophylls present in leaves/plants.

- Oxygen is produced during the process of photosynthesis.

- Oxygen released in photosynthesis is utilised by living organisms for their survival.

- A lot of Fungi derive nutrition from dead & decaying matter. They are saprotrophs.

Download Class 7th Science NCERT Book Chapter 1 (PDF): Hindi 

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