College Experience Checklist For Students

Wondering how to make the best of your college life? Checkout the college life experience check list to see what you are left with to do.

Created On: Nov 19, 2019 18:36 IST
College Experience Checklist For Students
College Experience Checklist For Students

There is a lot to do in college. So much so that one can easily make a checklist of things to experience while in college. From learning a new language, to experiencing hostel life at least once, college life offers varied opportunities for student to grow and develop their personalities. But to put them to use get the best out of them is your responsibility. Hence, to help you make the best of college we have compiled a list of must have experience in college life for students. Go through it and check what all are your left with too experience in your college life.

Live In Hostel At least Once

Hostel life is the ultimate experience one can have as a college student. There is so much that one gets to learn as  a hosteller. You become more responsible and independent than you'd ever be while staying at home. You pick up essential skills like doing laundry, learning to cook a basic meal etc. Moreover, you bond with many people and some friendships even last a lifetime. Even if you go to college in the same city, try and stay in a hostel for at least one semester.                

Join A Club On Campus

Never again would you have the opportunities you have in college. Learn to make the best use of them. Join a club or society on campus. There is something for everyone from theater, to music, to debate society there are a lot of options for students to explore. Also, these clubs are a great place to meet up with peers and make friends with students apart from your roommates and classmates. Extra-curricular activities like these also make a good addition to your resume.

Join A Sports Team

You need not be a first class athlete to join the sports team in your college. You could also sign up for the intramural sports team of your college. Playing some sort of sports helps keep your body and mind active. And if you feel that outdoor sports are not your calling then you could also join an on campus gym or something to keep your body fit and in shape.

Go on a trip with friends

Plan a trip with your college friends. It is always a fun experience to go out to another city or state with just friends. You create memories for life and it also acts to strengthen your bond.

Get to know a person who is completely opposite to you

College is a great place to get to know people. You meet people from backgrounds completely different to that of yours. While befriending such people you get to know a lot about different cultures and traditions. You learn to respect people and even learn a lot about your own self in the process. You might even find that you both share a lot in common and are not so different than you thought you were.

Get a part time job

Part of being in college means that you learn to be independent and prepare yourself for responsibilities that will befall you in life after college. Taking a part time job will teach to balance more than one things at once. You'll learn to multi-task. Also it will make you more financially wise. You'll learn various management skills that will come in handy once you start with your first job.

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Go On A Date With Someone

College is a time to have fun and experience life. Going on a date with someone is a part of that. You get to have new experiences in life. No matter whether the date goes good or bad there is always something that you learn from each one of them. Especially on bad dates, you learn a lot about yourself, you understand what exactly is that you are looking for in your partner.

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Get To Know Your Professors      

Some professors are very interesting people. They are not your typical teachers who are there just to teach. They love to engage in conversations with their students and it need not just be about the subject they are teaching but even on general life topics. Sometimes, if you are on good terms with your professors and also good at your academics, chances are you will get good recommendations from them for your job applications.

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To Conclude

Remember college life is about new experiences and learning important lessons in life. But it is also important to develop the 'no regrets' attitude when something didn't work out. Good or bad every experience teaches you something important that comes in very handy during later life. Make the best of your college experience. Make friends and create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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