College Learning: Beyond Classroom

Let's ask some students what's their take on the college life and the lessons it teaches you beyond classroom.

Created On: Aug 2, 2018 15:38 IST
College Learning: Beyond Classroom
College Learning: Beyond Classroom

College life is a lot more than just going to classes and cramming up lectures to pass the exams. It's a stage in a student's life that is responsible for shaping his future whether it be academic or as individual. College life shapes the entire personality of a person, the lessons learnt here remain with them for life. It equips them with not just academic knowledge but also practical skills and learning to pave their path in the world outside.  

Let's ask some students what's their take on the college life and the lessons it teaches you beyond classroom.

Teaches youessential management skills

College teaches you many new skills. Being all alone and having to do everything yourself students pick up on some essential life skills like that of money management, time management and others. Let's ask them how beneficial they think these skills would be in later life.

Skills like time management and money management are very good habits that you pick up here. Our parents always tell us to follow them but you never really understand their worth before you are left to manage everything on your own. Here, we pick them up at still an early age and it becomes a habit that surely would prove beneficial later on. 

The Art of Prioritizing - not procrastinating

The art of prioritizing is one of the first things that the students pick  in college. The first semester passes in a blur or fun and excitement of having come to college. And soon before they even realize the first semester exams are right at the next turn. Under such a scenario they learn to prioritize  things. Let's ask themselves what do they think about this? 

In college, prioritizing is something that you just pick up. At times, we don't even realize that we are doing that. It becomes a second nature to you. Because there is so much going on all around from your academics to your personal life, not prioritizing is not an option.

Living off minimal resources

If anything,college life surely teaches students to live off minimal resources. It is highly unlikely that you will find yourself a private accommodation whether it be college hostel or some PG. Sharing is the very basis of college life. Moreover, with all the expenses that come with being a college student, money left to spend on luxuries and entertainment is very less.

Yes, in a way college teaches one to live even off a shoe string budget. The expenses of the college material and tuition fee, travel, rent etc. are only so much that you hardly have any money left for yourself. But then you also have to look cool and fun in front of your friends so you find budget options with good quality resources.

Exposure to the outside world

One of the biggest learning's of the college life beyond its classroom is in the exposure it provides you. Your college campus is like the mini version of the outside world. People from varied background, different personalities, different thought process and cultures. It's like a crash course in the life afterwardsand outside of college. Let's ask students what they think of it.

College is not like school, people here come from all parts of India. You get to meet new people and not everyone would be nice to you. It's like a new beginning all together once again. More like a practice ground for you to equip yourself with as many skills, lessons and experiences that will help you later on. When you face similar situations in the world outside where things are a much higher stake you would have a better understanding of things and can make more informed choices.

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