Competitive Examinations—Your Path to a Successful Finish

Today competitive examinations have become tougher then what they used to be. With their changing examination patterns a modern approach of technique is required to achieve a good score, at the same time we cannot let go of the age old techniques that has proved to be so correct. Read on to know the most appropriate ways to give in your best at the next competitive examination…

Competitive examinations are round the corner and preparations are in full swing.  Ideally preparations should have begun an year in advance to avoid any last minute acute pressure and the probability of a disappointing result, though not implying every individual starting his preparations well ahead of time are guaranteed success, but in comparison they still have more chances then the late starters.

When it comes to cracking a national level competition examination, it is more important to study productively then simply putting in the number of hours. So, here we can see there is still hope for all aspirants who may have had a late start towards preparing for major competitive examinations whose determinations is steel solid.

After thorough analysis, discussion and interviews with various past civil service examination toppers, a common conclusion has been reached as to the methods followed by them to achieve such feat. Here, we have simply tried to simply this for the benefit of aspirants, so they too can follow on their steps:

Time Management

It is extremely important to manage your time. The vastness of the syllabus will make any number of hours look short. Hence, it is always recommended to break the syllabus into small and more manageable quantity and allocate time accordingly.  One should however remember that putting in endless amount of time behind a particular work will be futile if there is no productivity gained. Candidates should wisely allocate time to subjects depending on the level of difficulty level.

Thorough Preparations

This goes without saying that for any preparations or competitive examinations thorough preparations is required. You must not leave any stone unturned. No knowledge is bad knowledge. You should read whatever you can get your hands on. Students should be regular with following the news on television, the newspaper, and magazines. They should always keep themselves up-to-date with the latest current affairs and should always be open to any information from any sector. Students are also advised to build an extensive reading habit and learn to analyze stories as this will help them to achieve a better score.

Choose Your Subject Wisely

Anyone remotely interested in the UPSC examination are aware that they are required to select subjects in which they would appear for the examination. Many ex-toppers have announced this as a crucial point in the examination. It is very important to wisely choose the subject you find yourself most comfortable in. Many say it is easier to score in general studies-a multiple choice paper divided into sections. Hence, it is important as mentioned earlier to be thoroughly well versed with newspapers and magazines.

Astute Planning

It is extremely important to make a time table for yourself and religiously follow it. Creating a time table will help you remember all the things you need to cover during your preparations. Due to the magnitude of the examination, one has his plate occupied more than usual and it is pretty possible to miss out on important techniques. Hence, a detailed schedule should be drawn incorporating the techniques that would be followed as time progresses. Daily revisions, going through periodicals and practicing mock tests should all be incorporated within the time table.


Nobody said studying was easy and neither did anyone say it could get to you. Preparing for a particular examination for hours over a long period of time can get into even the sanest of the human beings. Hence, people should learn to remain calm and be focused. Short breaks and time for recreational activities should always be kept aside for oneself.


This is another important factor that needs mention. Sufficient sleep of nothing less than seven hours is always recommended for all aspiring students. You should remember that if you do not provide the body with sufficient rest then there would be no point in cramming down large volumes of text as you will be not registering anything. Moreover food is also another important factor that needs to be taken care of. When there is time constrains candidates tend to compromise on their eating habits and this can negatively hamper their preparation skills. Though the adverse results may not show on an immediate effect but you will soon be hitting the ugly road.


One should draw the motivation from the right source. Candidates can draw motivation from elders their superiors and so on. You should always remember that motivation will always take you to the end. Moreover, important interviews of past toppers in competitive examinations should be carefully studied and followed and positive motivation should be drawn from their experiences. Their mistakes should be avoided and their examples followed.

One may not be able to crack the examination in the first try; many well distinguished individuals enjoying superior ranks have cracked it in their second or third attempts. Hence, no individual should be de motivated if he is unable to make it through, as long as he has sincerity in his preparations and is ready to dedicate himself. He should hold on to his belief and aim for a better score.

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